#hasil2020 - update March 1, 2020

It's Sunday March 1, 2020.

Time for my weekly #hasil2020 update.

It took me long to figure out my SP level. ?No site is loading I can only post with @partiko. While waiting and talking to my daughter and eldest via WhatsApp I wrote Dear dog I supported some Steemians because they are willing to engage, do not belong to the big fish and fill other's wallets with the contests and challenges they host.

**My financial situation did not change since the last update and @victoria-bella
@victora-bella (CCC-member)
@sacra97 (CCC-member)
@wira8788 (CCC-member)
@felixgarciap (CCC-member)
@marblely (CCC- member)
@gertu (CCC-member)
@oneray (CCC-member)
@mllg (CCC-member)


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01.03.2020 16:11

Thank you for the tip. πŸ’•

01.03.2020 20:49

I use Steempeak a lot, but mostly I use eSteem. You are doing well with SP, at least better than me.
I am down to my last $0.10 until pay day, but I have food in the fridge and cupboards so I should be OK. I really hate living like this.

eSteem will show you your wallet, Partiko should as well. The Steemitboard should show you your statistics as well.

I hope things improve for you soon.

01.03.2020 22:24

@shaidon I activated downvoting because of the mess last week. So much greed, envy and hostility.

I hate living like this too but it's not the first time I started at zero. I know how it is and learned to have at least food in my cupboard. If times/finances are better I save coins in a jar for something extra. That time will come again. I keep my fingers crossed.
You are on the good way now you have some food till the next payday.

I wish you all the best. πŸ’•Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

07.03.2020 13:02

I still have to be careful. I forgot to declare my crypto to the tax department and they want to investigate. This could mean I am in big trouble and lose everything. If I go silent, then this is why.

I have lentils, rice and noodles in the cupboard but I am not really in the mood to eat because of the stress. I have two meat pies and some frozen veggies in the freezer and I know where I can get a cheap meal if need be.

I don’t know how people track their Steem wallet for tax purposes. It would be easier if it was just when you converted your crypto back into FIAT.

07.03.2020 13:26

I only know that living in the Netherlands you have to register, bankacvount, ID everything. Our security number is the gateway to everything about your life including finances. Tax is a part of it and with me they automatically charhge, they know my earnigs. If I lose it's my bad luck if I would win I get billed or they take it from my income. Taxes always go first.
Better eat you never know when it's the last time. I hope it works out fine for you. If not play stupid and cry if needed. If it works for others why not for you.
Perhaps the internet can tell you how they know or if someone told them. You are not one of the rich guys. πŸ’•

08.03.2020 08:01

Every country is different, here I have to declare everything at tax time. I go through an accountant but they don’t understand crypto and the Australian government is making it difficult.

So I should have been recording every transaction in my wallet every week or something.

08.03.2020 10:40

I've seen @rokhani updates too. We're not alone. I hope the other updates too. I'll be a bit late. Quite busy with the reports and everything at work. I've seen that you have been sponsoring including me. Thank you so much. I hope to update everything for you soon.

02.03.2020 01:06

I saw his update too. I have hard feelings about the rest. An.uodate is not too much asked if you receive so much support. I hope to see yours soon. It depends on my connection too. Happy writing. πŸ’•

02.03.2020 14:03

I've just made mine. Barely made it because of time limit. The train broke yesterday. I'll tell the stories later.

02.03.2020 22:51

The train broke? Oh dear. You better write in the last week of the month. @davidke20 asked for it because of the December month.
I try to read you later. πŸ’•

03.03.2020 10:53

She already did yesterday. I haven't curate it πŸ™‚

03.03.2020 12:12

I read it. You haven't means you can't or won't or? @gertu seems to have problems. I have no idea if it's about SP or something else.

03.03.2020 15:36

Have not, meaning I will do it later. In the midst of adjusting my liquids due to the drastic change of "government". I must hold on to my words, so I need to make sure I still have enough liquids and pay until year end when everyone of us achieved our #hasil2020 goals.

03.03.2020 15:48

I doubts everyone will still be there and most on the list did not give an update. No update no payment and if you cn't pay me I still join. πŸ‘πŸ’•

03.03.2020 16:10

Good. We a re the man(and women) of our word. I said I will pay, and I will unless I'm dead or steem first, then it leave me no choice, and therefore I will still have some from the offline wallet to pay.

03.03.2020 16:30

I understand let's see what tomorrow brings. Some stopped already with hosting contests, steem connect is still down and it's quiet.

03.03.2020 17:32

Hey guys πŸ˜„, @wakeupkitty and @davidke20. Having a nice conversations without me. Hhaha just joking around.

Yes, @wakeupkitty the train broke again. At this moment I'm typing, they gave us the replacement train but it's a short one. It can barely hold everyone in. I think the sardines in a can is having so much more space than us right now.

03.03.2020 23:06

🀣🀣 I know. Just joking around.

08.03.2020 22:49

That's fine we should do that more often 😁

09.03.2020 08:40


09.03.2020 09:15

Welcome to March! Thanks for participating. Looking good, except steem payout shrink. Blehhh !tip 1

05.03.2020 02:36
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05.03.2020 02:36