Happy Thanksgiving.

I present you a new shrink-adventure from the 6th floor. If you like to join the weekendfreewrite please do. See @mariannewest).
Good question and that is exactly what I ask myself. There is not one single, good reason for staying here.

"Hey, Cleo. Good to see you."

Wow, someone knows mine.

"Quickly, get dressed we are leaving within 15 minutes. What took you so long."

What took me so long? Dressing up not takes long! I grab my pair of trousers, vest, and jacket and pull them on.
"My beanie, where is my beanie!"
Bewildered I look around me. Where is it? When did it fell off?


Nervously I search my bed, the ground. Jacket out, pullover out. It fell on the floor.
I grab my stuff and ran out of the hallway.

They waited for me and a grin. The free spirits of the 6th floor build something amazing out of the beds and pushed it through the window.

"What do you think?"

"What do I think? You.."

"You could have to wake me up earlier!" Peter shouts

He comes with baggage he can hardly carry.

"What is all that..."

"Let's go before he spoils everything", Tim whispers. He grabs my hand and we ran to the stairway. A stairway out, to heaven. Our therapy group discussed it once and it became true. Some of us set goals and work to succeed.

"Life, here we come", Tim shouted as he holds my hand and we both jumped.

"Thank you! This is my best Thanksgiving ever."

He smiled, smiled at me and still did as we hid the floor.

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27.11.2019 12:00

Which downvote pool?

27.11.2019 14:26

Happy Thanksgiving @wakeupkitty. I enjoyed your story.

27.11.2019 12:07

Thank you. We do not celebrate but who knows have a party. I wish you great days. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. πŸ’•

27.11.2019 14:24

Woah! An unexpected twist at the end. Well done @wakeupkitty! Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes. : ) I am thankful that we are friends. Hugs! You have a great day!

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27.11.2019 15:23

@whatisnew Me too ypu are very supportive and it is good to see you stopping by. Enjoy the day(s) πŸ’•Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

28.11.2019 09:31

Saludos amiga. EstΓ‘s hospitalizada? Esta historia la haces en el hospital? Y los niΓ±os?

27.11.2019 17:37

@gertu Hice este pero ahora estoy de vuelta en casa. Si me quedo mΓ‘s tiempo tiene que ser Navidad o vacaciones de verano. Ahora espero los resultados de la prueba. Tarda dos semanas.

I did this one but am back home now. If I stay longer it has to be christmas or summer holiday. Now I wait for the test results. It takes two weeks.Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

28.11.2019 09:40

Happy Thanks Giving
!!giphy Thanksgiving

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28.11.2019 16:42

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

28.11.2019 16:42

@guurry123 I did not celebrate it I am Dutch. If you did I hope you had a good time. ❀️Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

29.11.2019 08:37