Handbags 2

I do not like bags or handbags.

I lately wrote about it in a freewrite and you can read all about it here.

What can I say?
Handbags are too big to carry your phone and wallet only (more I do not need) and most of the time I search for both, get stress, because I can not find what I am looking for.

I threw away the bag I had (I put the shopping in it too and it was torn) and I got myself another one at 4noppes (4free).

I do not like carrying a bag. It's too heavy for me and the slightest bit of pressure on my shoulders makes my arms hurt and numb. So I do not care if my children carry my bag since there is nothing in it that can be stolen. I only take it with me if we go shopping and I do not wear a coat.

My favorite bag is a shopping bag I bought at Zeeman.
I paid 1 euro for it. If it's torn I get a new one or my money back. It hardly weights anything, is small and I put it in my coat's pocket or handbag. I put as many heavy things in it as I can to test it but it is strong for sure.


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