Hairy friends

This is my entry to "My favorite Thursday 2.26". This week's theme is "furry animal".

Do I have a favorite, hairy animal?

Do I like hairy animals? Yes, despite my allergies.
I don't need to write 200+ words to answer these questions.

source I had a male who looked like this one. His name was Angus.

I like animals no matter if they have hair or not. I took care of many. Somewhere mine, others not.

I had ferrets, skunks, dogs, raccoon dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits...I like the predators most.

Photo book: 101 facts about ferrets

My first ferret was a male and albino his name was Jules. I had a shelter for ferrets for many years.
I gave up on it after my heath went downwards. After years of animal care (shelter + zoo + animal rescue), it was time to create more time for me and my family.

Book: The life cycle of a raccoon.

A raccoon is not the same as a raccoondog. The raccoon dog is a little dog. It lives in the wild but some people own them too. I had the brown one but also a white one (there were only 7 white ones in Europe at that time.).

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@esteemapp Great to hear because it is hard to see/read and it might give you more users. Thanks for answering and a happy Sunday. πŸ’•Posted with ![](

08.12.2019 05:06

Que bonita tu mascota peluda. Me haces reΓ­r. tenΓ­as un humano peludo como ese?? jajaja

How pretty your hairy pet. You make me laugh. did you have a hairy human like that ?? Hahaha

06.12.2019 23:05

@gertu No, prefiero los animales a los humanos y no me gustan los hombres peludos.

No, I prefer animals above humans and do not like hairy men.Posted with ![](

08.12.2019 04:44

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07.12.2019 19:44

You have very interesting furry friends :) I like ferrets and racoons in the movies. I haven't heard of a racoon dog. Thank you for the info.
What happens when you are near furry animals? My allergy is usually sneezing and watery eyes. But it depends on how much contact I have with them.

11.12.2019 07:43

@marblely I have the same allergies and itchy and skin trouble or nose closed. If I stay longer around them I have no problem, back from vacation I need 6 weeks to get used to it. It helos not keeping them inside. Some animals it is their smell and of many it is the bedding you use. Posted with ![](

12.12.2019 05:41