Get out!

Wake up! Come on, hey you.
It's 3 p.m. and we do have work to do.

The kitchen needs to be cleaned and someone has to swipe the floor.
How about that cake you should bake for your granny today?
No way, we won't go out together, visiting the zoo
as long as your tasks aren't done.

You made a promise and I won't keep mine
if you fake being weak and ill.
You better hurry if you want to make it
unless you like to stay home... forever alone!

If this is the case fine! I'll go out and visit the "Stone House" on my own.

Health issues you say?
No way!
I don't believe you. Stop drinking whole night
and you will be alright,
even feel fit and get out of bed at dawn.

You know what? You can forget
about your heirloom what do you say about that?

You stink! Sweat and stale beer are not my favourite odors, be my guest the shower is all yours.

Two minutes I give you to get out,
open the windows and ventilate while you shower and get dressed.

Sorry man, it took too long. I go. Clean up 'cause I have a date.
It's someone with a gorgeous smile and the last thing I want is to be late.


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03.04.2021 13:58

Can I write my stories with the theme I prefer? or do I have to follow some rules?

04.04.2021 12:47

That's quite creative. I find it hard to grasp your writings but i feel this is about a lazy dude, or unpleasant person. And I also sense some vile or despise behaviour towards someone, idk if it's to the one reading 😂

05.04.2021 21:43