This year I did less in my garden.

Last year it was the same.
Most of what I planted died. No matter if I bought it or used seeds I have been saving.
Partly the wolves ran over it or dragged the pots through the garden and partly because it is too cold (inside).

I saved all kind of seeds.
Tomatoes, pepper, lemon, mandarin, etc.

At this moment I only have tomato plants.
I started too late with the seeds and inside it did not grow fast.
Only a few weeks ago I planted them outside in what once was my Birca's nest (Birca was my barn owl) to keep them safe for the wolves.

I noticed yesterday the first flower is there so still a long way till I have my own tomatoes. I hope the summer will continue.

This picture is a pic. The flowers/blossom in my tomato plants are white.

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My garden died this year too. 😒

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08.08.2019 23:08

Oh men that is so sad. My berries etc all dried. So only had some cherries and still 1 apple on the tree. πŸ™

I think I will make more forest out of it. Good for the wolves, less work and who knows what comes out of it if Mother Nature does the work instead of me. ☺

09.08.2019 07:26

Good plan!

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09.08.2019 11:04

@wakeupkitty So you have winter in August? That would be odd to me. Good luck with the tomatoes.

08.08.2019 23:34

No, we have summer now. In September autumn starts. Usually the tomatoes should be there already. πŸ’•

09.08.2019 06:59

Hope that you will get some tomatoes. I wished I could share mine with you. We have so many right now.

09.08.2019 04:16

That would have been great. Some years before I had many too. It was tomato juice, soup, salad ketchup etc. Also put them in pots (smaller ones) with garlic, pepper and some herbs. πŸ˜πŸ’•

09.08.2019 07:23

I too have some plants like tomatos, bitter gourd etc in my compound. I will post it later. Good that you included this in freewrite.

Have a nice day Kitty

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09.08.2019 08:41

I wish you the same.

P.s. the more you read here, the more you can join and write about.

09.08.2019 11:27

Thanks for sharing your garden adventures with us @wakeupkitty, I hope you will get some harvest from your tomato plants, it's awesome.

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09.08.2019 19:58

Thank you for your comment and the upvote. Both are highly appreciated. I hope so too I will have some tomatoes... who knows as long as Mother Nature gives shiny days πŸ™‚ πŸ’•

12.08.2019 03:47

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12.08.2019 18:39