Garden walk journal


As Spring started most trees still looked as if they were dead. No leaves, no sign of life at all.
I made a walk through my garden. Not fit enough to mow but I could do this. Suddenly there are flowers everywhere. For sure it won't be for long but they are there. I forgot how many. Some I planted, others appeared by themselves or were already there.


These are the flowers I wait for. They show in May and I didn't mow this part on purpose. Great, red flowers for free. Good for jam and syrup.


I am surrounded by these bushes. They are tall and attractive by all kinds of insects including aphids (greenfly). A huge amount of aphids.

Out of these white flowers, you can make syrup. I did it once and we do not like it.
Out of the red berries, you can make syrup too, or marmalade or wine if you like.

The green berries are useful if you like to poison someone.

I planted several roses in the garden. Not because I am fond of it but for some reason roses seem to do well in this area or at least better than most plants and flowers.

I planted this small rose tree as a reminder of my cat.

This "white" climbing rose suffers year after year. It's eaten most times by insects. There are ants all over it enjoying themselves. White and yellow roses are not as strong as red ones.

At two places I have roses growing I didn't plant. I cut both just like most bushes and trees and this one is huge by now. I noticed I have a wall of flowers at a part of my fence.

The rose hips of these roses are great. You can eat them or make jam or syrup out of it. It's very easy and they contain a lot of vitamins C.
It is what we feed to babies first.

Currant bush

These currants remain white. This bush was one of the last in my garden getting flowers and leaves but the currants are there already.


This tree is planted about two years ago and still small. Last year it had 3 apples but two disappeared. I saw blossom but no apples so far. If you ask me the tree looks sad. Most fruit trees have a hard time here and die.

Cherry tree

It's planted last year and not more as a stick in the ground. The blossom was first and next to the leaves started to grow. It looks sad too and only two cherries.
I hope it will grow and look better next year.

Most trees have leaves by now.

I can not remember if this (fake) acacia ever had flowers. The person who gave it to me said it's special because of it's pink flowers. Hard to believe since I see them grow next to the dirt road over here. They might be interesting for the bees.

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19.05.2020 19:24

Tienes mucho color en tu jardín, frutas y bayas. A lo mejor harás muchas mermeladas en esta oportunidad. Saludos.

20.05.2020 03:55

The strange thing is the color is hardly seen because those flowers are all over it. If you look outside you see green or yellow. Perhaps soon it looks better. We have grey days with some drops of rain now. Strange it looks like Autumn.

I will use the poppies for syrup because it's great with lemon and good for the throat and to sleep on.

A hug for you. 💕

20.05.2020 06:25

Thanks for joining this contest. We gave you an upvote. Good luck. Greetings @team-ccc

Upvoted and resteemed

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Thank you very much. 💕

21.05.2020 00:59

You have a very good garden my dear. I miss place. Thank you for all the time and support.
God bless.

22.05.2020 12:15