Gallica Gloria Kriek a misty drink

So far this is the weirdest beer I tested.

Gallica Gloria Kriek
With the smell of cherries or actually lollypops and it is very sour.

The beer is as red as the label.
The smell is different from the taste.
It reminds me of "zuurstokken" and "zure matjes".

Not exactly this kind of "zuurstok" but I only found this one on pixabay.

source If you ask me ridiculous expensive but there are larger mats for less money.

I think you get the picture what the beer tastes alike.

Misty and red
Red it is and misty does not stand for mysterious but... well, I guess the Belgium brewery wrote it because they thought it sounds great and have no idea either.

It contains 250 ml which means it is gone if you swallow three times.
A beer for dwarfs or gnomes perhaps?
The children tasted it too and the taste nor 5% alcohol knocked us out.

Will we buy this beer again? No.

Note: kriek is beer + fruit and it's color depends on the fruit added. Kriek lambic is a style of Belgian beer, made by fermenting lambic with sour Morello cherries (those cherries are called "krieken").

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Beer, beer and some beer tips.

"Golden Draak" the best beer so far.

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Hurray, it is #BeerSaturday

Tuborg original green - Copenhagen.

Staropramen - Granát

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08.12.2019 08:14

Will we buy this beer again? No.


There are so many beers, that we even start a BEER community here on Steem and if you add #hive-187719 to your TAGs it will show up in the beta of the community

08.12.2019 11:34

Good this is not the only beer available. I will see about that tag. Thanks for stopping by. My connection was too slow to search/find you.

Happy Sunday. 💕

08.12.2019 12:37

Prefiero las maltas a las cervezas. El nivel de alcohol de las cervezas es muy alto para mi.

08.12.2019 23:21

Si. Aquí antes se podía comprar. Ahora es cuestión de esperar.

Yes. Here before you could buy. Now it's a matter of waiting.

10.12.2019 09:29

@mmmmkkkk311 Thank you for your downvote 💕

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09.12.2019 16:54

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10.12.2019 20:48