Food for the people?

Bread, I like it but cannot eat it.

I always choke in it, for some reason I have a hard time swallowing it (my children have the same issue) plus it glues my intestines to each other and it makes me feel sick. All that flour, those flour products.
Once I ate bread my intestines are upset for the next weeks which means it's better to avoid bread.

There was a period I made my own bread with oat flakes, I made sourdough bread too but I cannot say it benefitted me although I like the taste. The fact too was a homemade bread was eaten within an hour. The family ate more bread instead of less.
So I slowly give up on eating bread. It's not that hard and by now the children are used by us not having bread for breakfast. I still buy it once in a while as a quick meal - instead of cooking - and take meds and hope they work.
At times I buy toast read because it is cheap and extra food for the children. If they feel hungry they can have it for a third meal.
For me, it's better not to eat it. It's just a lot of carbohydrates with hardly useful ingredients that do the body good. It fills the stomach for a while, although I believe it's mainly the spread that does.

A a few days ago there was an article in the newspaper brown bread/whole wheat bread contains no whole wheat at all. I wonder why this is news. It is already known for years. The bread is fake and for sure not more healthy as white bread and worth a price of 5 euro or more.

What do we eat for breakfast?

Nothing. We rarely have breakfast and if it's closer to lunchtime.
Yesterday we ate baked beans with a scrambled egg and today we had these chocolate "crocodiles" I bought yesterday.
They posted about 2 euro, it's enough for 9-10 portions which means a meal costs me about 20 cents.

The crocodiles are gluten-free and taste fine.
No need to add milk to it if you don't like, want, or have milk plus they are good for a snack too. No transfer, no palm fat, made out of cornflour and rice flour.

My favourite breads:

  • Our dark rye bread.
    It comes in small packages and it's heavy. I like it with cheese, bacon, or real butter with sugar.
  • Croissants.
    A good croissant, not a dry one. Preferable with real butter on top.
  • Bread with poppy seeds on top.
    You rarely see the ones I like these days.
  • Tiger bread.
    Before baking the dough gets its topping with a "tiger custard" made out of: 33 gram of breadcrumbs, 33 grams of rice flour (or 100 rice flour) 0,6 grams of salt, 6,5 grams of sugar, 170 gram boiling water (75 ml water), 1,5 gram instant yeast, 3,5 gram sunfloweroil (or 7 ml oil).-
  • Sourdough bread.
    It is my favorite bread too. I love the taste plus it is good to avoid yeast because yeast activates fungal infection in the body.

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