First time freezing Tuesday - October 8, 2019

4 am
Alarm clock

4:30 am
Out bed dressed.
Tea time

@felixgarciap runs a Lyric poetry contest.
The Twenty-Two Edition has the prompt: Silk. See HERE.

Silk only one item reminds me to this word so early in the morning...

Tis is a pic.

Dpoll - done.

5:20 am
It has been cold.

Car does not start, battery empty?
Old? In the dark with ice on the windows we try to get it out. No idea how it is fixed to the car.

Good I have a battery charger, attached by the kid while I try to contact the ANWB road service via their app. It is the first time I use it.
From here the stress starts.... lication can not find us we search on a very unclear map. Found after 30 minutes!
Next step,how to find you? Wrote it, message too long. Grrrr.

Number membership, phonenumber. One hour later... Send...
message: _ you need to call!

What is the great thing about this app if I have to call? I could have called 1 hour ago, by now my kid missed the bus and the battery is nearly charged.

12.44 is not enough to start the car?

I bought a new battery a while ago, had to charge that one too and now it is also empty? How can that be? What is the use of a new battery if you have to charge it first?

11:30 am
Back home. Glad I fed the wolves before I left.

I bought a new battery, drove my kid to the city and bought some Asian food.

Back home WhatsApp again.
Daughter needs all kind of info to fill out papers. By now it is 2:52 pm!

Her car needs a new battery too. No idea how to lay hands on it. The elderly sister who gave her the lemon of a car (it drove not one single time only costs money) said she would buy her a battery..... still no battery.

Life sucks without money. I think it is better she dumps this gift as soon as possible.

2:32 pm
Time to post what I wrote first early this morning. My entry to the Lyric Poetry Contest Armor.

I posted on Weku first next on Steem via SteemCoinpan. Time for WordPress and Publisk0x.

3 pm
Youngest is home and I need to go to the bus stop.

3:50 pm
Back home. Asian food plus bulgur for the children and... me. I could not resist it.

I answered some replies with help of Steemreply is still not loading I do not understand why.

Deleted old emails at an unused email address. Mainly spam and a drunk ex.

The bus kid and I took two wolves out for a walk. Beanie on and gloves. My phone is charging made some photos but doubt they are good.

After the walk I made another chocolate cornflakes heart. The bus kid wants some too.

Answered a few comments via partiko.

8:15 pm
Posted [The trolley please!](

visited @organduo
You can leave something remarkable as a reply on Mondays.

9:56 pm
Already in bed I wrote my last post of the day and posted it with @actifit. Weiß ist eine TÀuschung

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

If I can I use SteemCoinpan for posting
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You certainly have an intense day.

10.10.2019 17:55

All my days are like these. At times I wonder how I managed this all with three jobs.

Happy day and thanks for stopping by and commenting. πŸ’•πŸ‘

12.10.2019 08:32

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12.10.2019 05:33

Thank you, it is good to be a member. Wish I knew about if before. πŸ‘πŸ’•

12.10.2019 08:33

Thank you for the upvote. πŸ‘

12.10.2019 12:00