First day traveling

I do not feel so great today. No worries I am not in pain it is just that I still wait for my car to be fixed. I get nervous the more time passes by. I need it because my children need a new ID urgently. We just made the photos. Why paying for 6 if you only need only one.
"You can give it to grandpa or granddad", the lady said. We have no grandparents available plus photos on your ID are not the greatest photos there are.
You are not allowed to smile, show your whole ears etc and the photos have a lot in common with the ones they make of criminals.
Twenty euro this joke cost me and we have ten photos we can throw away.
I forgot to post this diary day and last night I was not in the mood to do so. It is the day we left to bring food to my daughter and celebrate our late December 5th party (St Nicholas) together.

We had chocolate letters... (except me)

Monday, December 9, 2019

It just became Monday!
I left at 1 am drove four hours in the fog, saw the moon only twice. It was cloudy.

The first stop was in Oed (Austria) only a short one for gasoline.

Open borders? It is a big joke. ID, driver's license, car papers, open the trunk, etc.
Yes I hid 4 Muslims in the trunk of my Renault Clio you find them underneath the bag with dog food. No, that is not gasoline but cocaine.

The next stop was Laaber. Through the years the Seidl chocolate factory became a regular stop too. It was disappointing. We tried to find the hotel but could not and visited the Edeka supermarket instead to see what the prices are.

We drove on. Our last stop should be at the hotel. Arrival time 2 pm a bit early but good enough. We can wait or I sleep in the car first.

About two hours before our arrival at the hotel we ended up in a traffic jam. We waited for one hour and I answered my comments. It is a good thing mobile phones do exist. The ADAC had a hard time to come true with its truck service car.

As we finally good start driving there was not one single sign-on how to find the way. We drove hill up and down and followed a Romanian truck driver and an Audi followed me. No time to visit the small villages. We made it back on the highway and by now it is dark and it rains.

Where is that hotel?
Wrong-site of the road. I am so happy no one is welcoming us. We can go straight to the room, park in front of the door and lay down.

7:12 pm
Animal Farm-taste

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