Ferret's heaven.

I own a great drawing of an eagle.

I will not show it to you. Big chance if I make a photo of it I get a downvote for plagiarism.

I never met that eagle but I met the one who made it. His family is artistic too, he is an autodidact plus hunter. Once he had ferrets too.
I had had ferrets too (about 180) so we met on outdoor events. The best were those with hunters and outdoor people.

He made a painting "Men's second-best friend"* and the postcards of this aquarelle were for sale. I own that painting too. Ferrets of mine are on it and one of his.

He intended to paint "Ferret's heaven".
Not only dogs go to heaven (seen that animation? It is really funny and I managed to buy part 2 too).
The heaven was never painted but I see it in my mind. We both had the same idea what it should look like. If you see 1000 or more ferrets happily jump ever after you have found it.

My time is up, 5 minutes you need to write plus use the prompt eagle feather if you like to join. See @mariannewest.

The feather is one of my owl Birca

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What did you do with your ferrets? And why did you have them?

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01.09.2019 17:47

I had a shelter for problematic ferrets. Serious ill and behaviour plus I bred to pay a part of the costs. I accepted what I could take care of.
After 15 years or so I gave up on it.

03.09.2019 03:11