Expectations are unfair

"It's unfair," that's what he said and I agree if it comes to what he states but at the same time I think life isn't about fairness and we all have our share of "unfair".
If it isn't about being rewarded for what we do, it's about not being noticed, accepted, being without any family, friends, help, about never making a "real chance" in the first place...

If no one reach out to you it's not fair either especially if you always reach out to others, give them your food, savings, time, love and energy while your children have to do with less.

I know everything about unfairness. I have been there and still am but I can tell you it won't help if you break your brains over it and keep telling yourself how unfair it is because you deseeve better, so much better or at least the same as those lousy people around you without any skills.

Life... it is not about fairness and no one ever said it was. Nature, animal and plants know all about it. Observe them, observe those you envy in an objective way and ask yourself if you really like to walk in their shoes, live their lives and have their worries and fears.

My childhood wasn't fair, my marriage never was and motherhood isn't fair either. You work hard to build a good nest and like in every bird's nest those who live in wreck it, shit on it and worst of all they take you for granted. Those living in that nest, those who visit it abuse it but do not care to keep it in a good condition. They don't care how many hours, days, years you worked 60-80 hours a week to built that nest, which isn't fair, not fair at all. Especially not because humans are close to the cuckoos. Only humans kick the mother even kick her out of her own nest. It's not fair but these things happen just like being read and rewarded by new Steemians while your followers ignore you. It's strange, makes one wonder and who knows you might even call it unfair.

Expectations.. we all have them and some we share.
I expected a lot from #Steemit as I joined but it never turned out to be true. I can cry about that and give up on what I like most but if I do that I would give up on me.
So I changed my expectations into no expectations at all. Not if it comes to an online life, platforms, social media.
As soon as I changed my expectations I waa more motivated to do what I like most which is writing, writing and reading.
By now I see everything else as a bonus. Being read, commented, resteemed and upvoted. Being noticed is even for an introvert like me at times a bonus.

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27.04.2021 09:13

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27.04.2021 09:13

I have expectations too, most of them came true and I should thank God about it. Must be nice to expect good things especially if your dreams will be realized, just think positive and you will have positive radiance in your life guys. I like being positive that's why you should try it too.

29.04.2021 02:21

Good to read most of your expectations became true. A positive attitude can help but being realistic one should be too.

29.04.2021 05:15