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Restrictions or...

In more and more countries there are.
It is not a Russian thing and not only exists in China. Is is a myth to think the Western World is as free as a bird. Rules are everywhere. To guide us, to protect us but most of all to control us.
Sometimes governments do not want you to surf the world wide web or blockchain. "Bad influence" is what they call it and "it is for the people their own good, they need to be protected against..." is another phrase.

Are governments the only ones who care about "our safety"?
No, they are not. Cities, organizations, providers and our " beloved friend" google do the same. They ban you or block you, tell you you are not allowed to use the site, app, play the game.

Social media do the same. Facebook and Twitter control what you write and if it is accepted. A webmaster deletes your post because he says you violate the rules, those rules you never heard about and they never shared with you.
Using social media, no matter, if it is the world wide web or the blockchain, means you are seen by some big brother and this big brother can make your life miserable even more as you can imagine.

There are tools you can use to escape, join, be invisible but I have doubts they work. It is easy for a government, scammer, and hacker to find you. Google and Facebook both give a hand.

Can WhatsApp be trusted?
The fact many free Wifi points ban this app is a sign. YouTube is on the list too. I can imagine downloading videos cost too much but sending a WhatsApp home if you visit a Supermarket to ask if more shopping is needed...

  • If you know what good for you is you do not go out in the open, you do not show yourself and you make sure your name cannot be found on the internet or blockchain.
  • If you know what good for you is you stay single, without children and pets and have no family alive or friends.
  • If you know what good for you is you do not share your opinion with others because you know you are watched and we all, no matter where we live, have a nasty or sneaky neighbor who loves to betray people and enjoy to see others in need.

Spies, traitors you find among all people, in each nation, and through the ages.
The Gestapo is not typically for Nazis you find them in each country in this world.


Western world - a free world.

Am I a free person? No, I am not. I am raised by the government, school, media they tell me what is right or wrong. Being objective is hard.
School forced me to read certain books for my examination.
My employers told me what to do and how to think.
I learned not to discuss subjects like politics, religion, soccer, discrimination, racism, the rights of a woman (all good for starting a fight or be punished).

The government controls me and so does the bank.
I am a number, a security number. This number tells everything about me. My name, my parents, my children, my health insurance, my medical record, my educations, it knows the times I emigrated and immigrated and at what age. It knows my bank account number, my income, the amount of taxes I pay, the car I drive, how much road taxes I pay. They know my phone number, my e-mail address, my address, my ID, my driver's license number. They can take my ID since it does not belong to me but the government although I pay for it.

The government is not the only one who knows everything about me.
Thanks to a new law an organization or seller can have a look at your bank account too. Check what your income and bank balance are... (the government wants us to connect our bank account to our social service number account.).

Because the Dutch government knows what good for us is we lost our right of referendum, we can only go in court to get our right if we have enough money and we lose our job if we dare to say/vote for a political party that differs from what our present prime minister stands for.

Is there freedom of speech?
Yes, as long as you know when to speak, what to answer and when to keep silent.

Do I live in a free country?
Yes, as long as I stick to the rules and pay my taxes.

Can I join the web/blockchain?
Yes, as long as providers let me and I can find ways to avoid google.

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Thsnk you very much @helpiecake and @solominer. I wish you a great weekend. 💕

16.11.2019 22:24

@wakeupkitty you speak a lot of truth and sound just like my Dad.

17.11.2019 02:57

@myjob Sounding like your dad, I hope that is something good. Happy day and thanks for responding. ❤️Posted with

19.11.2019 06:57

Donut Gov:

A government should act like a donut in that it protects it's borders according to what the citizens desire and let the people in the middle, in the nation, do whatever the Hell they want on private property.

Your Body Your Choice

Your body is the private property of yourself or it should be. I prefer freedom over alleged safety. So, bring on the bagel, the donut.

Can't But Should Happen

Having no government in the world would be nice but that can't happen. It should happen but it can't happen. I want it to happen but it can't happen.

Push That Way

However, I do endorse people to limit government as much as possible, all of the time. Lots of people will always try to make government bigger. Many people desire bigger government. That is why the few people that understand the problems with government must always promote less government or no government. We must always push that direction or else.

Decentralized Internet

Steemit, Bit Torrent, Minds, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, P2P, blockchain networks, technology, apps, etc, etc, are examples of the projects out there that are decentralizing the Internet more and more and this move will continue to accelerate and explode in the 2020's, that is the next next years, that is as long as people continue to work hard on all of these projects.

Tech Cartel Governments

Meanwhile, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, etc, are tech cartels, and they are up to no good. They are governments and they are doing terrible things as they always try to centralized the Internet, fake Facebook cryptocurrency (Libra), etc.

17.11.2019 09:50

@joeyarnoldvn Indeed, we are trapped, one way or the other and most of us find it normal and do not care till the moment they are the victim. Happy day, watch your steps ❤️Posted with

19.11.2019 07:26

Victim is that tricky word.

19.11.2019 09:37

blockchain also sounds like a chain of blocks :)
well... welcome to the merging of AI and Human mind :)
we can use this wisely ;)

17.11.2019 11:43

@trayan All those blocks... If one is missing or galls you are not as safe as you might think. The good news is we won't live forever ❤️Posted with

19.11.2019 07:28

Que vida, para vivirla!! Podría vivir como el avestruz. Colocar mi cabeza debajo, para no enfrentar los dilemas. Pero no. Es una sola vida, una sola muerte. Como se pueda, se vive.
Que tengas feliz domingo.

17.11.2019 13:50

@gertu Lo único que hay que hacer es aprovecharlo al máximo. Feliz martes. AbrazosPosted with

19.11.2019 07:34

Bien dicho @wakeupkitty las restricciones están por todas partes. Comenzando en la casa cuando restringimos la hora del uso del internet a los niños o cuando restringimos las páginas que pueden o no usar. Deben pedir permiso para poder controlar lo que ven y no sea perjudicial para ellos. Termiando con el gobierno con todas sus restricciones que según el país cambian de una cosa a otra. Saludos amiga.

19.11.2019 19:43

@isabelpena Gracias por tu comentario. Es verdad. Ya a una edad muy temprana hay restricciones. La verdadera libertad no existe. Te deseo un feliz día.Posted with ![](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/arcange/ISperaHD-logo-comment.png)

20.11.2019 18:08