Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY, Oct. 3, 2019, Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.17"

Today turns out to be a grey one.

It rained the whole night and a strong wind blew. At 5 am it wasn't as cold as I thought, it wasn't raining but still grey.
On my way back home the wind came back as soon as I drove into the land road.
Later it started raining again so I drove the youngest to school as well.

No sun is good for my face.
Less light means no need to wear dark sunglasses. My face had the chance to heal a bit and the pain would not increase but... it was cold inside!

Good temp for a walk to keep warm.
I drank more water and kept running to the bathroom. Might be I am dehydrated but if I pee it all out it won't help me or?

I made a drawing but could not finish it because my eyes are still painful and infected, I could not stop rubbing.
Off to bed, had to lay still on my back otherwise the allergies start, sneezing, sniffing, closed nose. Not very successful after all the extra water I drank.

**Time to drive to school it stopped raining.
Back home I finished my drawing and felt satisfied. Don't ask me why. It is not that it is great, it is not even what I had in mind. 🤔

That always happens to me. I start and the end result is a surprise.

The lack of time and patience are the reasons why I am not crazy about drawing and gave up on it about 30 years or even longer ago.
There is no room for what I like to do.
I dislike coloring it gives me stress to stay between lines, I find them disturbing. At least three of my children hate it too, one of them is an animator.

It might sound weird but I never gave up on painting or creating and taught my children a lot already at a young age.
We have everything to draw, paint, model, we can make sculptures, jewelry, etc.
I bought all kinds of pencils about a year ago but I make my sketches on a used piece of paper with the oldest pencil (and cheapest) there is and on my lap.

Today it was the first time I invested more time as 15-20 minutes in a sketch.
I came back to have a second look at it. The battery of my phone was empty and I had time. This time I did not make my drawing fit to a story I already wrote but I wrote a short story to the drawing.

Somehow the grey day created extra time.
I felt more relaxed and now, at the end of the day, I don't feel as broke as usually. Who knows I will make one tomorrow too and create my own grey day to set my mind to peace.

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Above the drawing was not finished but I had to catch some sleep first.

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