Entry Contest - "What does TODAY (Sept. 25, 2019) Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.16"

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren. As my children were babies I kept a diary for each of them. I wrote by hand and tried to paint a picture of the day, told what kept me busy or what kept them busy.
As they started a life of their own I gave them their diaries. I have no idea if the eldest ever read or will read them.

Why I started writing?

The reason I kept those diaries was to give my children a chance to know me via me, my own words and thoughts. The biggest fear of a sick, single mother is to leave babies behind who will be raised by heartless people who do not care and abuse them. Who tell them lies about who I was, what I did or thought.

Good or bad I am their mother.

They can like me or hate me but I am who I am. Being close with family or children is seldom the case. Family is close out of need, because it is expected. The family you have is not a free choice. My parents did not want me, did not like me and showed they didn't care. At a young age I learned to deal with it. There is nothing you can do if people don't like or hate you.

33 Years later I write again.

I write #forthechildren, my youngest two, what my days look like and what today means to me.

It was a grey and clowdy day, Sept. 25, 2019.

I believe Sept. 24th was the birthday of once a friend. No, I did not feel the need to congratulate like I do each year. If friendship does not come from both sides it isn't friendship.

I felt tired, sleepy, dizzy whole day on but tried to hang in and do what has to be done.

Underneath you can read a part of my diary which I'll post one of these days.

4 am
Goodmorning world.
I stay in bed for 30 more minutes.

4:30 am
XiΓ’o-Aine is outside no need to go with her for a walk.

My leg is bleeding and I raised weight.

My first post of the day is posted with @appics.
No red can be found back in the photo.
Read, commented and upvoted.

Google play store is uploading again (cancelled it, it slows down my connection)

5:25 am
It rains πŸ€”.
I brought my kid to the busstation and the garbage to the containers in town.

6:10 am
Back home, tea with the youngest.

My connection became slow as I went out.
I cannot answer comments via steemit.com.
I try @partiko. I need to open the original post first otherwise partiko does not send my answer. This means more waiting till it loads and more scrolling.

6:59 am
Youngest told next week after school they have to go to town with the teacher by bike to visit the library. Boys and girls separated.
Perhaps to stimulate reading? A bit late they should do that daily at school and reward reading. My children read books for adults in three different languages and over 300 pages. If parents don't read children will seldom start with it or perhaps you will if you are Mathilda (Roals Dahl).

Lucky me, the youngest goes by bike. If the weather gets worse I pick it up after school.

JPay sent a message: network provider outage.

Power is off. Good I have a mobile phone and mobile router. It happens frequently and causes damage to the electrical devices.

7:40 am
Posted my entry for Tasty Friday.

Drank tea.

I feel so tired and am still thirsty.

Visited dpoll.

Started editing "I do like Mondays" tired/dizzy go to bed.

It is difficult to sleep if you feel dizzy.

Set the alarm clock at 11:30 am

Too tired. Came out at 12:45 pm
Still dizzy. My mouth feels dry I cannot swallow and there is no water bottle next to the bed.

Sneezing again. πŸ™

Sun is shining. The youngest will come home by bike soon.

1:15 pm
Hot water in the wok.

Windows open, ventilating house.

Feeding the wolves, good for counting some steps.

Cleaned the wok.


Posted "I do like Mondays" with @partiko. I write and edit a post in Partiko first next I copy-paste it into SteemCoinpan. I could not load the site so Partiko it is.

I used the Partiko points. With Partiko you never know.
Read a post about the tag #deutsch. It is hard to motivate people to write. It is easier to post a photo.

Posted #mittwochsquickie in German and English.. Would be nice if more people participated. Today's prompt is learn.

Have to hurry to the bus station. Kid texted the sports bag is not at school nor found at the bus station.

3:15 pm
Looked for new sports shoes, bag, etc. The kid had to pay a part itself.

Guess my daughter has no internet. It is quiet.

What my days look like you can read underneath.

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

If I can I use SteemCoinpan for posting
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