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Today, January 4th, 2020, is a slow day. Eyes infection for weeks, itching eyeballs and I cannot help rubbing them which of course makes everything worse. At 11 a.m. I felt as if the day was over. Although I woke up around 4 a.m. I decided to go back to bed. My eyes needed rest instead of gazing at a screen. The youngest felt cold for the first time. Feet placed on a hot water bag. I gave a blanket to wrap around the feet and the bag. It turned out school started again. Homeschooling it is and both children were awake to join whatever lesson was "teaches" at the moment I showed up. Teaching isn't the right word if it comes to most teachers. They do not show up, if so don't know who's student's turn it is, which lesson to teach, they give tests about what isn't reached and do not correct work or tests made. Teachers seem to get slower and lost their interest if they were interested at all.

Online schooling means I can hear the teachers, some teachers and you cannot imagine how bored some of them sound. Bored to death and not willing to teach at all. I wonder why they do so but also why they expect parents to do their job. It's not logical to me and if this is the case the education of a teacher can stop. At times it's a shame to see how bad they are. A bunch of very low educated people without any joy and spirit tells my children what to do, how to think. My children are smart, frequently smarter than the teacher which means you can count on issues. Bad grammar, sentences built make it hard for them to understand the questions asked which I understand.


Well, we survived the first day and kept the spirit high at home. After all these months we know there's no need to rush or stress out. Teachers don't seem to care and if there are issues they refuse to give a hand. If they take the easy way out students do too. The provider took our "speed" away last weekend which means google classroom, googling for more information or google translate is history. It's a good thing I am a walking translator, we have dictionaries and together we know a lot. One of the benefits of reading a lot. Therefore black screens, screens remaining white, no rotation, slow rotation, and frozen phones are back. I'll see how long it takes. Might be next week the schools are open again. No one says a word about it, we only read how the neighboring countries are doing or what a shit nation we are. The media loves to pick on people and I wonder who those people are? Those suffering from anxiety or those getting paid very well to spread fear and humiliate people?

Personally, I don't see any reason for a lockdown and that's what I discuss with my children too. Let's focus for a change on the billions of people who are not infected with the coronavirus, those who were infected and never felt ill, all those who felt a bit sick and are cured. It's very hard to believe no one infected us by ow. It's one year later and a virus doesn't care about borders. I am fine with back to school although I prefer homeschooling. I always did. It would benefit my children and it would benefit me. I would save myself a lot of time and money.

The prompt "slow rotation" is provided by @mariannewest

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