Do you help out others?

Are elderly people useless?

All those people who built countries, nations, worked hard?
It might be hard to believe but they were young once, sweet babies who brightened up someone's life.

A 91 years old woman in the UK knitted a doll's hospital to collect money because - as she said - "I can no longer work".
Within a few hours, she already raised 1/3 of the amount she intends to collect for the health service.

An 86 year old man learns to knit.
A 91-year-old man - terminal III - knits winter hats for the homeless...


Many did something or more as just something good for others. They did not think about themselves? Do you think about you? The day you are an elderly person and pushed aside because you do not look great, are no longer active, attractive, are labeled as useless?

Do you help out others?
I did but also learned at a young age no matter how hard you knock at a door will will not be opened. I learned no one will give his last coat to you if you shiver for cold. I learned too frequently people are not grateful if you help them out. They find it normal and come with all kinds of demands. It is the same what I read in newspapers and see in movies. Doing good brings you no good.

The coronavirus, the social distancing means you can no longer give a hand, help others out and if you cough... you are a criminal.

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