Do you fear the next wave of people infected with the coronavirus?

A new phase started.

In many countries, governments decided to start an exit out of the lockdown.
Partly children go back to school, people sport again, terraces of restaurants are open and so are museums, cinemas, zoos, hairdressers, doctor's offices, dentists, etc etc.

It might is risky and people are warned.
A face mask only doesn't keep you safe and social distancing is asked for no matter where you go. If not more people might get ill.
If the virus mutates, something it will do for sure, more people might get ill.

Do you fear the next wave of people infected with the coronavirus?
For sure this will be a good reason for each government to lock us in again.

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my mind is like a tower of iron will
i shall know no fear
i shall walk blindly
into the darkness
ever forward
for i know
i will prevail

actually we're all gonna die
(anyway, the only certainy we ever had since the day we're born)
but im not fatalist about it ... it would be really ironic if a shut-in like me who has been practicing social distancing since the last time my life got destroyed would catch it

then again

life has been nothing but funny like that :)

i think there's a certain awareness but it varies ... you cant put a place like taiwan or maybe sweden in the same spot as say -euhm- belgium ? when it comes to self-aware responsibility versus fenotypical fatalism

wearing masks is a choice - there have been complications observed already for instance in younger folk who have actually recovered getting more strokes for some reason but at the moment everything is probably corona-related , even if it's not

i fear (pro-verbially speaking) that the increased UV of summer combined with the still present urge or gov't force towards distancing might not be the worst time but instead the winter to come

when everything will be more relaxed if all went more or less well over the summer but the risk of re-surgence is a lot higher

like flu

scientists and experts (whatever that may mean) have been warning about this for a while now ...

SO, that would be no ... it doesnt keep me awake but i sometimes do worry that the carelesness of others might yet get me infected :)

14.05.2020 07:17

I hardly have contact with people either. Just shopping or via my children visiting school, which means it would be ironic too if we catched it since we all stay home and meet no one. But there's a strong wind since weeks and the virus is airborne... I still go outside and open my windows to ventilate the house.

This virus will mutate, the next flu is on it's way so I asdume if, it's destiny. I do not count on me getting it though I already suffer from enough diseases and thanks to my allergies my immunesystem is too active.

From the day we are born it's the countdown to death. Strange how people forget that. Life might start but so does the countdown. They say we all get older but this is not true. Since the mefieval plague the average age is 42 years old. 42... Each day you live longer it is already extra. We all better focus on getting 42 instead if 92. It's way more realistic.

Happy weekend and thanks for your great answer. 💕

16.05.2020 07:46

i don't think it's airborne as such. You would need a serious butterfly effect for someone to sneeze and get an amount of virus that's enough to cause infection flying through your window and setting on one particular spot. The distancing rule is based on the range of euhm ... well 'thick' snot lol which is about 2 metres but in windstill and closed areas it can go up to 8 BUT the amount of virus is relative to the chance of infection so the particles that fly over five metre wont be (normally because everyone is different ofcourse) dangerous UNLESS maybe a few people passing by (on a bus or something) sneeze in the same direction and the same strand gets on the same spot and amounts to the treshold needed ... as far as i understand ...

belgium did really bad all things considered and its certainly a matter of behaviour but its flat now and they're re-opening

so now we wait for the second wave i guess ... the virus mutates now at about 1 letter per 10-15 days (genetic letters in DNA , it has 30.000 letters to it actually (more or less) which is basically the code that defines it, so if it mutates far enough for anti-bodies to no longer mark it as the thing they healed you from you risk a second infection, just like the flu)

the test will be this winter when everything's relaxed i fear

take care :))

17.05.2020 13:49

a small token of appreciation

Never complain and never explain.
Benjamin Disraeli

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14.05.2020 07:18

Thank you. I.appreciate it. Happy weekend. 💕

16.05.2020 07:36

so much for the pillowtalk then

quite concise and straight up, i appreciate it too, real people are kinda hard to find

i think it's because people have to invent or pay for experience :D

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16.05.2020 15:51