Do you drink milk daily?


In the 70's it was promoted like madness mainly to get rid of the high amount of milk the cows in the Netherlands produced.
'Joris Driepinter' (a pint is a glas) showed up everywhere to make us believe we all needed to drink 3 glasses of milk a day. Today (glasses became bigger) this means one liter a person.

Milk should be healthy thetefore good for each of us.
The fact is the milk we buy today is no longer the milk we bought 30 years or 60 years ago. Another fact is milk is not good for each of us. Lactose intolerance increases. A fact too is that to those who have a lack of calcium (elderly people) too milk harms. This all besides of the fact the milk we consume is not meant for humans but calfs and milk is food.

Times change and more people drink milk only once in a while.
As a child I never drank 3 glasses of milk a day. The only milk we drank was at kindergarten. No one in our family did. "Drinking a lot" wasn't promoted either.

**Do you drink milk daily?"

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Hello friend, you are right, milk is not like before, and at least here in Venezuela buying milk is a luxury, a kg of milk costs more than $ 6 and the minimum wage barely reaches $ 4. Milk is consumed at home in cafe con leche, in some desserts such as arroz con leche, quesillos and others; also in drinks like oatmeal and some meringues, but alone as such usually not.
It is a pleasure to read you.
Greetings, have a happy afternoon.

06.05.2020 21:33