December 20, 2019

I am behind.

Not only with posting my diary days (it is not the first time) but also with joining contests, freewriting, writing and those daily house chorus I do not like.
Since days I do not cook. My stovetop is abandoned for the time being by me.
At the moment I am hardly in the mood, want to hang around and watch a film.
I am tired of waking up before my alarm clock goes off at 4 am. I want to stay in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

9:50 am
It took a lot of time to write, post, change the link, leave the link.
2020 asked? The change if it comes to the contests. I do not know yet if I will. Perhaps @olivia08 or @felixgarciap


Finally, the holidays start. What a relieve.

**If you like to freewrite see @mariannewest

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How to hang in.

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Editing on

Diary Day #50 - November 1, 2019
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NaNoWriMo goes on.

Diary Day #64 - November 15, 2019
Lack of writing = writer's dip

Diary Day #78 - #WednesdayQuickie
Poverty (En) / Armut (En)

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Hanging in - December 19, 2019

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Good to see you are still posting... Sometimes life gets in the way, and we need a break. I am sure @mariannewest is quite happy with your #freewrite's. I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas...

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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23.12.2019 06:31

@wesphilbin Thank you for stopping by. I scheduled this post. It did not work quiet well. Esteemapp lets me down if it comes to the tags and messes with photos too. I want to give it a try this way.

I need more breaks these days. It is as it is.
I wish you good days and a merry Christmas too. ❤️Posted with ![](

23.12.2019 07:05

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23.12.2019 07:40

I upload photos to busy first and then copy them to esteem. This works better for me.

I'm so behind as well. I MIGHT be losing some of this water weight from edema and keep taking the pills. They are tiring me out, but I think they are working.

Better days for both of us soon, I hope.

23.12.2019 17:44

@fitinfunfood Thanks. I try if busy will work for me.

I really hope the pills work and tiring out means you can sleep a bit too. First comes first which is your health. 💕Posted with ![](

24.12.2019 21:10

Whatever changes may happen, I will be behind you too.
Keep up the good work @wakeupkitty.

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24.12.2019 04:56

@olivia08 For now we go and see we grow so we have more voice. If the changes are needed it is to make our life easier. This should be fun, hobby. 💕Posted with ![](

24.12.2019 21:42

Agree with you and I will be supported all the best from you and the community.

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