Eyes are the mirrors of our souls.

It is what they say and I have strong doubts about it.
What if you lost your eyes, are blind? Does this mean you have no soul or lost it?
People love to label. If it comes to it we are blind for how others feel. We seldom (dare) to look people in the eye if we speak.We even tell women it is inappropriate behavior but at the same hand we want a lying kid to look us into the eyes!
The biggest liars and scam have the most charm of all. Without being aware of it they lie without even blinking once.
If someone cries his eyes off his head we turn away, ran out because we are so busy, do not like to hear the story, pain, hurt and call it negative energy and that is the kind of energy you need to avoid to have less stress and feel better yourself.
Believe me you do not need eyes to know how a person is doing. You can feel it. If you enter a house or room you can feel the atmosphere and know within a second if there was a fight, sadness or happiness lives underneath this roof.
Crazy isn't it how we fool ourselves, learn and teach not to listen to our instinct, the inner voice, close our eyes for what is really going on.

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Not everyone can feel it. Some people can't even feel it if you come right out and tell them! I;m happy you can.

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