Corona-crew - Creativity - Courage

The lockdown was, apparantly, good for new words.
I didn't hear any of them but it was the newspaper AD who told me. If there's no news you make some news.

  • Skin-hunger: the need to be touched, feel someone close.
  • corona-crew: those people who are allowed to enter within your 1.5-meter area and are not related.
  • window waving: no touching, no hug, no kiss, we wave from a distance to stay safe and close.

I can not say I will ever use these words. To be honest I think they are ugly.
What is the idea of introducing them? If you ask me these are words only used once by a columnist or so which doesn't mean they are popular and they will show up in the Dutch dictionary one day.

The word corona-crew made me something clear though.
Those who are single, have no family (left) can drop dead in our new social distance society. A society that claims those 1.5-meters are needed to keep each other safe but in reality doesn't care about others health.

future-sadness is a new word too. The meaning of this word is being said about a (planned) future that will never take place.
If you ask me the right word should be corona-sadness instead. Strange not one of the new words mentions the mental health, the depressions so many suffer from because of the lockdown or the fact they are bankrupt and no one will come to their aid.

Being online was fun but it no longer is if you need to do everything online.
If you do not have a device, if your eyes are bad, if your connection sucks, if they try to force 5G upon your throat together with three different meds against corona, while 4G isn't even working with you.

Corona-madness is no new word either although many of us are surrounded by more madness as we can handle and what about the word covid-careless?

If there is a reason to be sad about the future I don't know.
There's plenty to do, see and care for where you live. The love of your life, opportunities are not necessarily found in a country far away. Chances are given or you make them yourself. Creativity is what you need to start with, creativity and courage. The courage to take steps.

The solution for all of this is starting your own corona-crew. If you live together you can work together, enjoy the good things of life, you have your security team and can be close without any problem.

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19.05.2020 20:04

Me llamo la atención la flor, muy hermosa. La verdad es que hay que cuidarse mucho, este virus va a durar mucho tiempo dicen las noticias, así que tenemos que aprender a sobrevivir y eso es algo que los venezolanos tenemos tiempo lográndolo en esta dictadura. Gracias por las oportunidades para expresarnos en la comunidad. @wakeupkitty.

The flower caught my attention, very beautiful. The truth is that I have to take great care, this virus is going to last a long time, the news says, so we have to learn to survive and that is something that Venezuelans have had time achieving in this dictatorship. Thank you for the opportunities to forget us in the community. @wakeupkitty

20.05.2020 12:16

I read the same here today, they believe it may last forever but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world. We live with many viruses like measles, rubella, mumps, his, leper, rabies etc and proof it is possible.

Stay safe, a big hug for you. 💕

21.05.2020 00:55

I just read in the news too it may be there forever but they said too these are all speculations. As soon as all elderly died the youngest generation is used to be licked in. ☹

20.05.2020 13:27

Thank you for joining this contest. You have #1. Good luck.

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