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Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.28

I grew up in an area of big cities and city people are different from people living in the country. I am not sure if I am a city girl, ever been one. For an instance, I do not like shopping. No matter if it is shopping or window shopping. Shop in and out, trying clothes (how unhygienic), dragging around with bags, painful feet, and no chair or stool where you can sit down to let the painful feet rest. Maneuvering between vehicles, bikes, skaters is something I am great at and I noticed my children do not have the same skills.

We moved to the country far away from the smog, traffic noise, the rush, and stress. Crossing a road in a crowded area or getting out of the car is an issue for them. Here we can leave the car door open without anyone speeding it off and showing a certain finger.

The country... it's good to be here. Great to be at a place where no one cares about you, your children, the animals you keep, and how you live. These are the benefits we like but... it's not quite at all. The tractors at work make our guest home and house vibrate and damage them. The noise is annoying and we wish it stops. The farmers prefer to work in the evening and on Sundays. Sounds carry a long way and we can hear each train pass by. There is a huge amount of dogs barking and the stable flies make it impossible to sit outside.
All those birds hardly spotted? You find them here included their noise and poop. They ruin the roof and make it leak and if it comes to the internet connection 'E' is what we got most of the time. Indeed we always need a car to go somewhere. There are no bus stops where we live and if it rains we are surrounded by mud pools, rivers of mud. It's no place to get old because ambulance, fire workers, DHL, and central heath do not exist here and no one will deliver shopping at home. Back to the city is no option. Surrounded by many is no option for me just a bit closer to shops and 'delivery at home' would be great and instead of a huge garden a small balcony is fine too.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.



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Las costumbres en la gente que vive en ciudad y la de campo es muy diferente pero en esencia somos los mismo...
Muy buena participación, hace reflexionar... Saludos!!!

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