Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.29

It was a year ago I decided to join #hasil2020. I made it if it comes to my achievements except my SP for Steemit. If it comes to this platform I have to start allover again. At least it feels that way. The new year I'll try to focus more on investments and Tron. I hope my internet connection will not let me down as many times as it did this year. Next to my normal fee I bought extra internet 34 times at two different providers and it wasn't much better.

Will I set new goals for 2021? I most likely will. Saving will be my key word. Saving money, saving on expenses. It's time because within a few months my income will decrease. Let's hope I make it another year.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.


  1. Write about the theme
  2. 200+ words are required
  3. Use your own pictures or mention the source.
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  5. Use "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 3.29" in your title or text.
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Hola feliz de participar, esta es mi última publicación de fin de año....Feliz año mi CCC

31.12.2020 00:32

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07.01.2021 14:40

Thank you for your entry. You have #3. 🍀💕

09.01.2021 09:51

This contest is closed.

You can join the next one if you like (3.20)

09.01.2021 09:54