Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.27

'The older the crazier' is a Dutch expression. Does it fit? Might be if you mean to say we all will have Alzheimer's disease at a certain point. They say 'painting the walls with your feces is what babies and (some) elderly have in common. True or?
I never had a child who did, not even the twelve-year-old foster son who pooped into his trousers and walked around (and sat into it) without having any issues with it. I never met an elderly who did so either.

My granny said her mother was sent to a mental institution. Was it the reason or one of those reasons she never spoke to her parents again? I doubt it since way more happened in that very religious family. Things I doubt any God would approve it. It's strange how men always seem to know everything better than any God. We love to preach. My granny did, my parents did and most likely each one of them felt ashamed for their parents, children, sibling,s and how their life ended.

Was my great-grandmother aware of her life, her past? The things she had done, said, shouldn't have done or told? Losing your mind (more your memory) and going back in time is no fun. Especially not if the past is a scary time.

By now we know most people did not have had a great life, weren't wanted, cherished, loved. It is just what the community, media, teachers, and religion preach. Most of us had a bad childhood and 'being spoiled' was no part of it. Finding a job at the age of 7 or 8 and no school was the trend. Neither was the free choice of who to marry or where to live. A hard life, a tough one with the result hated by your family and the youth, no visitors, and nightmares is what is left.
It sounds to me being locked in these memories is worse than a depression, and depression. There's no cure for what haunts us if the mind gave up and even reason cannot be remembered.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.



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Hola saludos!!! feliz de participar nuevamente...Aquí les dejo mi participación

15.12.2020 22:48

Thank you for your entry. You have #1.

Good luck and a good week with good health ahead.


20.12.2020 09:22

This contest is closed.

Feel free to join the next one. The theme is: Looking back look forward.

20.12.2020 09:23