Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.23

My goal is to write a book this month. I join NaNoWriMo 2020. It stands for the National Novel Writing Month which is November. It became quiet an event. A hand of writers started to stimulate each other. This writing month is no longer national but international and pep talks (the years before meetings for writers through the country could be joined) are given to help writers with their writing schedule, to motivate them and fight the writer's block together.
I wonder how many wait till it's November to write again. It is a busy month with the holidays and more coming up.
Why the waiting to finally write that story? For sure it's a good excuse "it's only one month of writing I invest in a story, in me." It's a good reason to join, to start and finish.

If a trick like this works why not do it with more goals we like to achieve? Let's fool ourselves, be brutal and take the time, do ehat we like to do now. It's not about what we once had or what we plan to do in the future. This year, 2020, many learned a future like planned is over. Those things once normal, taken for granted and even called boring suddenly became a luxury. We are forced into a new normal and without the coronavirus the good, old days will not return either. The governments will stick to the road they follow and it will not get better. Not if you don't accept it and learn to me the best out of what is left.

We live, and life comes with challenges. The cold facts are we are surrounded by wars, fights, dictators, diseases, loneliness, poverty and depressions. If you want something for you do it now. Don't say 'Next time I will' or next year or 'once I am retired'.
Being alive means you are living your countdown. The countdown to the end. You do not have any right to get older, no reservation for heaven either. The only right and warranty you have is you die. Use the time you have wisely. There's no need to study, see the world, be the best, be successful to be satisfied about what you achieved in your life. The pressure of the society is enormous but in the end we are our own judge and what counts most at that very moment is how we feel about our life, us.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.



  1. Write about the theme
  2. 200+ words are required
  3. Use your own pictures or mention the source.
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