Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.22

It's November 2020. I decided to join #hasil2020 around December 2019. A bit weird if you consider only a few days earlier I said I would no longer set goals because it was pointless. But I did and... I wasn't the only one. It was kind of tragic to see after a month most already gave up on it so did one of the organizers.

I posted many updates, mentioned those who said they set goals but each one of them disappeared. Was it due to the coronavirus? No, the virus couldn't be blamed only the lack of motivation can be. Most of the goals set like losing weight, working out, not baking a cake more than a few times a year could be easily reached.

The goals I set had to do with me. All five of them. The first one was saving for my retirement. A bit late but I saved. I automatically transfer money to a savings account as soon as my salary is received. At times I checked the savings account and a few times during this year I could add a bit extra. The goal set I already made. I know it's by far not enough but at least it's a start and I will not give up on it easily.

The next goal set was saving for a car. I needed to buy the car earlier as planned (July 2020) but had the money I needed and paid for several repairs. In the meanwhile, I kept saving but this means I will not have the amount I intended to have at the end of December. Still, I believe I succeeded and reached my goal. Even earlier as planned and no matter if I can only save 1 euro or 10 I keep saving for the goal I set.

I rarely use it but I do have a credit card for cases in need. One of those cases can be a broken car and the possibility to rent a car. With us, it's impossible to rent a car for a day or more without a credit card. The credit card charges me high fees but I have no other options. Most shops do not accept payments with a credit card. I couldn't pay for my car with it. I paid with cash.
I use my credit card as a saving box too. This means each month Nan amount is automatically transferred to it. I do not have debts but a credit.
I didn't manage to save as much as I wanted. I indeed spent (traveling, gas station, a hairdryer, coffee-mill, router, and a lot on the internet during homeschooling). The end result hopefully is I saved 50% of what I had in mind.

I intended to double my SP but exactly today it increased with 300 SP instead of 2200. It's hard to start all over again after many left. Being active is a hard task and not easy if you deal with a slow connection. Nevertheless, I am glad I increased my SP and was able to pay for the prizes of the weekly contests I host.

My 5th goal was to lose weight. I managed to do so in an early stage of this year and after that goal was reached I decided to lose more. It's going well and with a child wanting to lose weight I doubt it will increase. The days for appetite, those rare days, are gone. I try to drink more but even those 4 liters are hard these days.

Looking back the goals set weren't that hard. As long as you stay focused and know why you set them it's easy to stay motivated. I could cry my eyes off because I will not be able to save enough if it comes to two goals set but as long a bit is left for saving there's no need to worry.

For 2021 I will set new goals. It's easier to keep an eye on the budget and since all prices rose again and will more before the year ends it's a must to find ways to save myself money again.

This winter will be without buying firewood again and if the lockdown continues there will be no spending December 5th, Christmas, or Newyear's Eve together with the children either which will save me at least some money for traveling.

hasil2020 was hosted by @davidke20 and @victoria-bella



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.



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07.11.2020 14:06

Thank you for hosting this contest.
Greetings @team-ccc

07.11.2020 14:29

Thank you for still working with #hasil2020 . The project did not go burst until hive fork came to play. Despite the other party claim they "created" a new chain BASE on STEEM, we all know duplicating is not creating. It simply doubled the "currencies" flow, or in order word having a 100% inflation over night. Instead of achieving goal, the "double" stake simply void and hits all my target. Matter of fact, I have withdrawn some tokens on several ocassions during the pandemic lockdown(we're still on partial lockdown now).

Will I reboot the project next year? I think not. The way the fork came simply divided the people. Those who move on in the other chain, proven they love what they love and shut the rest of the world. Those who stays back in STEEM, simply due to the fact that the reward pool is still underutilize for now and we're seeing some high stake holders are creating the greatest circle jerking ring among themselves and raping the reward pool without anyone stopping them.

If I ever going to set a goal for next year, it will be "see how many token can we scrape out of the reward pool by committing to make 1 post everyday" and that will be all.

07.11.2020 15:07

We still struggle around too and I powered down as well. Mainly at the other side and will not post more than one article max.

It's hard for me to stay in touch because of the lack of internet or the slow connection. My first challenge will be to survive the winter and after that...I am sure there are other places where I can be me, set goals and contact with others.

If it comes to each each platform is the same, attracts mainly the same people. If you figured it out let me know.

Stay safe dear friend. 🍀💕

08.11.2020 14:37

Thank you for your entry. You have #1

14.11.2020 05:01

Greetings from Venezuela using translator hehe
I read your post once and several times in order to understand the goal of looking forward and looking forward something like this, we really never know how to start but if we don't set any goals for ourselves we never start.
Today it happened to me something like that of having a goal, I decided that before what finishes this year, to begin the first steps, but I am going to do it in a post first but hopefully that the Internet allows me to do it.

10.11.2020 00:16

Thank you for your comment. 'Looking back looking forward'is a contest (giveaway) I host on Saturdays. As long as you write about this theme you can join.

I like to read your post.
Here is the link to the new contest

14.11.2020 05:01
14.11.2020 05:02