Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.19

It is 1963 and Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie are the new comedians in the Netherlands. In 1974 they have a tv program on Sunday night. I just watched some of their episodes all based on actual (political) issues the country deals with and you know what? After all these years nothing changed. Bureaucracy is a good example. Bureaucracy and laws with it's 1001 and one rules if it comes to being ill, the right to be ill, staying at home.

A man is ill, visits several doctors and each one of them told him to stay in bed. Staying home in bed means you are ill for 98% and can work for 2%. If you are an employee you have to call your employer to tell you are sick and wait till you can visit the doctor and the "controlling inspector" visited you at home. Why? To fight laziness, scam, those employees who are not willing to work and keep earning while they say they are ill but in reality are not.

The story above hardly makes sense but we are raised with it. You work till you drop dead. Neither does the present situation in 2020. It is hard to believe - if you are used to a culture of working, always working hard - you suddenly need to stay home if you cough, sneeze or blow your nose. Somehow it feels like a joke. The bitter truth is Dutch people are not allowed to stay home, never allowed to be ill and suddenly the government tries to lock us in. Suddenly going outside, going to your work is a crime. It doesn't surprise me it makes people suspicious.

We all know we do not care about the elderly, we do not care about the sick. We do not live close to or with family in one home. Why should we? We are raised to be independent, live alone, take care of ourselves. The houses build do not have room for a big family, there's no room for grandparents, the disabled. Partners are even separated if one gets seriously ill. The sick one goes to a nursery home, the other one stays behind. Some live twenty years this way till one dies. The government doesn't care, no one does as long as we work, are productive, and pay taxes. One employer still pays for 4 if not 5 jobless families. Indeed families, not people.

Within 30 years, most likely earlier, most of us are jobless. There will be no new jobs, nothing will put us at work. To those who are not self-sustaining, the message is to deal with being locked in for the rest of your life, the boredom now! Inside is your new life, the place you should be. Not at work, school, no gangs outside. The streets will be empty and more will suffer from fears they never thought exist.
The pandemic, the coronavirus that can cause Covid-19 will never leave us. We'll have to live with it just like we live with all those other viruses, prions, bacteria. It's not the first pandemic but it is one that's worldwide abused. A great opportunity to change the norms, values, the world. It won't change in any good. The environment won't get better, no matter if we all stop smoking or driving a car.
The world will be populated with mental illnesses, people who need medication, a lot of medication, aggression, and every social aspect, a bit of humanity will be gone. Young people will live a life worse than the elderly we lock in today, something we already find normal.

This all didn't start just now in 2020 but way longer ago. The signs were there, the proof is shown by many comedians. At that time we laughed about it because it's the best one can do. Laughing about one's misery. Today, many years later, I looked at it with different eyes. It's no longer "just joking" but the cold truth I watched. The reality I live in which makes me regret I gave birth to children. They deserve a life, not the kind of future the governments designed for us a long time ago.

The "new" normal... it started long ago, way longer ago than most of us are aware of. Kallergi was part of the design, the EU uses it in the same way Hitler did. We've been blind, I've been blind, blind, and fooled. I wonder for what purpose we humans, those who will stay alive, will be kept. If it comes to it no one cares about people dying or simply being removed out of the society, the world's population. We don't care because it's not us. Governments, we only say we care if you kill yourself. It's still not permitted (yet) but soon it will be and the Dion pill will be dropped in the letterbox for free.



Looking back - Look forward
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