Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.08

It seems to depend on where you live and gender how competitive you are. If you like certain games, sports, and join contests. Schools and some parents try to stimulate being competitive. It's not always in a gentle way. Children are forced to be the best no matter if they are or like it. To some kids it's important being number one, others do not care. They do what they like most, don't feel the need to fight for that first place.

A schoolmate of mine and his cousin were the best for several (8) years at primary school. The teachers and their parents must have felt happy. After those years it went downhill. Perhaps they gave up on being number one, developed different interests, ahigh education was not what they wanted for them or they were not intelligent enough to follow the lessons.
Both were serious children, not asking for attention and for sure not competitive. I remember how the introvert schoolmate burst into tears once he had a 9 instead of 10. His cousin grew up into a nervous, insecure adult.

Is it good to push children into competitive behavior? Is there any proof these children grow into stronger adults with more self-esteem, fighters? I have strong doubts about it. Moody, short-tempered, aggressive, spoiled and bad losers is what I see.
I never liked contests, didn't see the need to be the best. I never thought at it as stimulating.
Being the best is a hard task, staying number one even harder. According to scientists being competitive is typical for boys/men and that's the main reason why you see more men joining contests then women.
My opinion about contests didn't change. If a contest isn't something I already like to do I will not join. I never saw the benefit of being the first, the best of all. Perhaps being an introvert is part of it too. I dislike it to be in the center of attention. To me, it's more important to teach a child how to deal with not being number one especially if it's good and always wins and above all to have fun.

The Netherlands isn't a country where children receive a medal or something extra for being a good student. Teachers find it normal you are and even pick on those who are excellent.



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