CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.35 [ENG] CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.35 [ESP]

This contest will end on Friday February 14, 2020 at 6 pm UTC Paris time.
Entries not answering the question or which are too late can not participate.

"What do you wish for Valentine's Day?"

It is what the bus-kid asks me for a few weeks and it's the first time in all these years. As a mom, knowing my kid, I should be a bit alarmed. Is the kid saving (read: counting) it's money or... does it need anything from me?

Saint Valentine gave flowers on his birthday (picked out of the Monastery's garden). He gave flowers to the poor is what I once read. This should be the reason flowers are given on Valentine's day, February 14.
Did Valentine have a secret lover and did he give flowers to that person anonymous, wrote a card or letter with it?
Did he cover up his deed by "spreading love" in the area he lived in?

Valentines Day isn't a custom in the Netherlands. The first time I heard about it was over 40 years ago and a teenage magazine wrote about it.
In all these years the shops didn't manage to make a big celebration out of it.
You can buy a card, some chocolate, and flowers but this can be bought daily.
Sending a card anonymously is no habit and I guess we are too straight and sober to do so.

In the past, I bought a card or some chocolate for my children and that was it. Just a bit extra to color life. No one will be upset if he/she will not receive anything for Valentine's day.

I read many times on platforms in the past years,how upset or even furious people (mainly women) are if their partner/friend does not buy them something, take them out.
I feel for you, I really do. Is this what February 14 means to you? A day to be upset because you are "forgotten"? Is it worth making such a scene? Presents are not what Valentines day or love is about. If you cannot understand that you don't know what real love is and I can only pity you.


The theme is:

Looking back / Look forward
Valentines Day / Love



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La competencia termina el 3 de enero de 2020.
Las entradas que no responden a la pregunta o que son demasiado tarde no pueden participar .

El tema es:

Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante.
San Valentín / Amor

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