CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante) 2.25

This contest will end on Friday, December 6, 2019.
Entries not answering the question or which are too late can not participate.

I had things to do and still NaNoWriMo.

Something went wrong. I lost a whole day writing. I could cry but looking back this is not the first time and I survived. If it comes to it it is not important. Whole parts of what you write will be deleted if you start editing.

You all know I am a mobile phone user only even one with a slow connection. Still I take the time to read and comment your posts.
Looking back the commenting you ccc-members do are nihil. I am the only one who read each post and commented.

From those who joined
@gertu responded once and the rest of the participants did not care about what the other members wrote.

Each week I, and @team-ccc!

You earn commentcoin if you comment on this post and any post with the tag #cc!

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30.11.2019 11:25
30.11.2019 11:25

Thank you @mad-runner. I hope you manage and have a great day. 💕 !BEER

30.11.2019 13:45

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Hey @mad-runner, here is a little bit of BEER from @wakeupkitty for you. Enjoy it!

30.11.2019 13:46

Eccomi qua, visto che l'italiano lo capisci ti scrivo velocemente nella mia lingua madre, mi è piaciuta la foto d'ingresso e questo contest, non so se riuscirò a partecipare ma il resteem lo faccio volentieri, come l'upvote personale...

!giphy friend+woman

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30.11.2019 11:28

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30.11.2019 11:28

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30.11.2019 11:29

É gentile da parte tua. Puoi unirti e scrivere in italiano. usa il tag #ccc + invito. Di solito puoi scrivere quello che ti piace. Il tema è: guardare indietro / guardare avanti. Questa settimana è "Perché non commentare o commentare. Cosa è cambiato." Buon sabato con amore 💕

That is kind of you. You can join and write in Italian. use the tag #ccc + invitation. Usually you can write what you like about. The theme is: Looking back /Look forward. This week it is "Why do you not comment or comment. What changed." Happy Saturday with love 💕

30.11.2019 13:50

deranged You just received DERANGED @wakeupkitty Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

30.11.2019 11:29

Thank you very much. 👍

30.11.2019 13:39

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30.11.2019 11:41

Thank you for the survive. Happy Saturday.

30.11.2019 13:51

Very good what you propose for your contest this week, I tell you that I will be traveling three days Sunday, Monday and return to my house on Tuesday so I will not be able to answer the messages. The effort you make for the community is very commendable and I hope you don't pass out. As for health, I think you should follow the recommendations of friend @olivia08, @gertu also has many gastronomic proposals but she really likes papaya and fig candy. I encourage and may God bless you abundantly friend @wakeupkitty.

30.11.2019 12:35

Amigo @felixgarciap, viaje tranquilo, cuando regrese tendrá tiempo para comentar. Lo esperamos.
SI, me gustan los dulces y hago muchos, porque de la venta de ellos yo vivo actualmente. Los siembro, los cosecho y los preparo en ricos dulces para la venta.
Que Dios y la Virgen lo acompañen en su viaje.

30.11.2019 13:04

Eres muy talentosa y una buena mujer de negocios. Buenos deseos para los dos. 😘💕

30.11.2019 13:39

Gracias por tu opinión sobre mi.

30.11.2019 13:49

Ademas ya pronto le voy a proponer a @gertu la promoción de sus productos aqui en mi ciudad por que se hace necesario expandir las ideas promocionando de paso lo que hacemos en steemit.

30.11.2019 13:52

Gracias, agradezco su oferta. Esperaré con entusiasmo.

30.11.2019 15:53

Papaya and fig we can hardly buy here and if it is extremely expensive like most fruit. We are a country of apples and pears and at times we have plums.

Today is my stay in bed day. I drink a lot and hope to feel better soon. I wish you a safe journey and good health too. See you soon my friend and thank you for your concern. 😘💕

30.11.2019 13:37

Es verdaderamente lastimoso leer que no se puede comprar estas frutas. Sabes? a mi me encantan las peras y las manzanas jugosas, pero en mi región no se dan. Recuerdo que en la ciudad de Mérida en mi país, cuando estudié en la universidad de allá, pude comer ricas manzanas, de una especie jugosa y cítrica, pequeña. Cuando me vine a mi región ya solo compré de las importadas y ahora con la decadencia, no como ninguna. Abrazos para tí.

30.11.2019 13:46

@gertu Así es como es. Solo podemos comprar lo que se importa. Si las tiendas no lo venden, dejan de usarlo. Hay muchas manzanas, pero la mayoría no saben jugosas. Tú compras manzana para mi hijo y plátano para la hija y nada para mí.

It is how it is. We can only buy what is imported. If shops not sell it they stop uying it. There are many apples but most do not taste juicy at all. U buy apple for my son and banana for the daughter and nothing for me.Posted with ![](

01.12.2019 06:43

Well and my family complains, we have mangoes, oranges, lemons, pomegranates and sometimes even milk figs, I know that in cold climates the availability of fruits is more limited. You could also consume garlic porridge, coriander, something green basil, it is very good for your health and also consume only one or maximum two glasses of wine or at most one glass of beer but not overdo it. I'm glad you keep that in mind.

30.11.2019 13:46

Me alegra que tenga tantas frutas. Esperaré la temporada, a ver si puedo degustar de alguna de sus cosechas.

30.11.2019 15:57

@felixgarciap garlic we use and like and green herbs during summer or the dried ones. Wine/alcohol.I seldom drink. I never overdo. A baby eats more as I. I think one person these days eats more on one day as our family together. Yesterday I had cheese, liters of water, 1 beker hot chocolate and 3 tiny pickles.Posted with ![](

01.12.2019 06:48

Amiga estas invitando a comentar con el hashtag de cc, y se te olvidó colocarlo en las etiquetas. Feliz sábado.

30.11.2019 12:58

Lo olvidé porque tengo que editar cada publicación. Solía ​​estima esta vez. Gracias por decirmelo. Si me contestas tienes tu recompensa. por favor, observe las nuevas reglas y el tema de este concurso. Hay preguntas para responder. Feliz sabado.

I forgot because I have to edit each post. I used esteem this time. Thank you for telling me. If you answer me you have your reward. please, notice the new rules and the theme for this contest. There are questions to answer. Happy Saturday.

30.11.2019 13:44

Si, ya estoy escribiendo sobre el tema. En un rato más, verá mi respuesta. Gracias.

30.11.2019 15:12

Me di cuenta. Escribiste un buen artículo. Gracias por tu apoyo. 💕

30.11.2019 18:05

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30.11.2019 14:36

Thank you @esteemapp. I wish you a great day. 💕

30.11.2019 17:51

Gracias por tu entrada.

Tienes el número 1
Recibiste un voto al 100%.

30.11.2019 18:04

Gracias por tu voto.!!

30.11.2019 20:52

Gracias a ti!!

30.11.2019 20:54

I can't wait to see how far you got with your NaNo @wakeupkitty 🤞

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01.12.2019 03:14

I wrote over 65k now without the words/text I lost. Thank you for your comment/asking. 💕

01.12.2019 04:25

Thank you for joining this contest and your good and colorful content. We gave you an upvote @team-ccc.👍

01.12.2019 15:29

Here is my entry for this week, @wakeupkitty:

Thank you for the contest and the chance to reflect on what I am doing here :)

02.12.2019 12:57

@fitinfunfood thank you it does not load yet with me and hope I understand what you mean by it. Tipu explanation?❤️Posted with ![](

04.12.2019 09:11

Here is the text of it:

I am one of the top tipu curators now. You can see me ranked here:

In a day or so, I will get a higher rank, as one of my "mistakes" in tipu curation drops off the page. tipu is now working with a rolling 10 day window, so if I tipu'd you 11+ days ago, I can tipu you again today if you have a good post I see at the right time.

You can see who I have tipu'd in the last ten days here:

I have 4 tipu votes a day and use all of them most days. Here is my experience, methods, and how you can catch my attention so I might curate your post.

How did I get to be top-ranked?
The most important metric at tipu is "efficiency." The majority of the posts I curate MUST go on to get better votes after I tipu them. If they do not get better votes later, my efficiency drops and then I get less votes to give.

I have my own methods for helping to make more votes come in as you will see.

Some people lie in wait for the "bigs" to post and tipu them at 4 minutes. Right now another good place to do that is in Inktober, since most of those posts get fat ocdb votes later. I'm too old and busy for that. I am working in a more measured way.

Also, the bigs already get great votes and do not need my 80 cent tipu. Sending this vote to a new and smaller blogger is much more rewarding to that person than to someone who already gets $20+ on their every post.

I have goals in who I curate:

help little people get better rewards
do not repeat bloggers more than once every 10 days
help my own blogs get better curation rewards
get more followers to my blogs
My Methods:
My 4 votes come in and refresh each 24 hours. Then I have 24 hours to use them. I am usually done for the day in much less time than that.

When I notice my votes are in for the day, I open screens for "created" in a few tags:

For tasteem, I am looking at newly published posts. For all the rest, I page down to 2 hours old or so and start looking.

General procedures:
find a likely post
check and read the post with no media
check the post with media to see what it looks like
check the blog feed to see the last couple weeks of posting from this blogger
follow the blogger with my three blogs
double check to make sure I still have a tipu vote
vote on the post with my three blogs
make a meaningful comment from fitinfun and add the tipu command
watch for the tipu vote to come in (seconds later)
promote the post in other places so it gets votes after me. (usually)
monitor my tipu detail to make sure I am doing well in efficiency.
investigate posts that fail so I can improve.
What is a likely post?
less than $1 reward already
blogger who does not get big rewards
200+ words of text
a good intro
more than one photo
few mistakes in English with exceptions for ESL people <<< very subjective
a post I will feel good about promoting elsewhere
Note: I know a good intro when I read it. A bad intro is:

Hello all my steemian friends. I've missed you! I have not posted in a while and then I thought maybe I should post but then I got busy and so now here is my post.

These first lines appear where I promote and so I will not be curating your post. Put this fluff at the end of your post if you feel the need.

Tasteem Posts
Tasteem is different the the other tags, so first I will mention this one. I feel that tasteem is my "cheat" tipu voting since I can depend on tasteem to give me the extra vote I need without any action from me. I could easily tipu curate only tasteem and do just fine in efficiency.

I usually tipu at least one tasteem post a day and sometimes two if I am having trouble finding good posts in the other tags. I do not have all day for this work, and sometimes I need to just get it over with.

I refresh my tasteem "created" screen until I see a new post of less than 10 minutes old. I know that tasteem will vote their big vote at 16 minutes, so this gives me time to work.

I'm looking for excellent tasteem reviews. I post my own reviews with fitinfunfood and so I know what to look for. You only need 3 photos and 10 lines of text for your tasteem review, but that will not get you my tipu vote.

I want to see:

6-15 photos
a good story about eating there
good photos of the scene
the menu or talk of prices
good food photos
If I see all that, I will do my tipu procedures. I will also promote the post sometimes but not always.

I can tweet the review from fitinfunfood and get tasteem points for that blog if I want to.

I can promote it like any other post as I will describe below.

Posts I tipu for tags other than tasteem
Normally I am looking for "likely posts" as described above. There are some quirks for each type of post though. For example, freewrites do not need a lot of media support and can even have a sourced image.

I scroll down each feed looking between 2-20 hours old for a first pass. Some days are easy; some days have nothing I can tipu. It just depends.

How I promote posts I tipu'd
My first resource is @c-squared / @c-cubed. I drop links for most posts I tipu in their "Hive" in discord. If the admins see it and agree it's a good post, they will curate after me.

Note: Anyone can get approved to drop links in @c-squared / @c-cubed - even you. It's a good way to promote undervalued posts you vote on, so give it a try and help small blogs grow.

I only put one tasteem a day or less in @c-squared / @c-cubed, and only if spectacular.

My second resource is twitter. I tweet the good ones if I feel like it.

My tipu mistakes
I voted for a person in a downvote gang
One of the best posts I have ever read in my life, that brought me close to tears when I read it, was downvoted by one of the bigs involved in the ongoing nastiness.

This big had recently been downvoted by this little minnow since she is following a trail of down-voters. So of course, she did not even know she had down-voted this big guy in the first place.

She does not care and proudly thinks her gang has got her back, but they do not. They did upvote her after the down-vote, but only to 50% of what she would have gotten.

I voted for a plagiarist
This person is not on any blacklists, but definitely is not posting original work. I was fooled by the presentation and found out when @c-squared marked my hive recommendation as spam.

I asked and got details of what was wrong, looked agian and realized I had indeed been fooled. So this is why I am taking the time to go through a couple of weeks of posts now unless I already know the blogger.

I tupu'd too late and all the good votes came in before me.
This is why I am not playing around at 5 minutes. It is too risky and I want to help. If my efficiency goes down, we all lose.

In Conclusion
@tipu curating is a lot of work, but I am glad to do it. I'm currently getting 0.10 STEEM per day in a wallet trasfer from tipu and presumably better curation rewards, but I have not analysed this.

None of the posts I have curated has ever gone over $20 so the NewSTEEM reward curve thingy is against me. But I know I am giving encouragement, and growing my following so it is all good.

There are 191 tipu curators now. I watch people get kicked out and I know @cardboard is keeping it clean with this program. A couple of times I have noticed people with a lot of self-voting and not spreading votes around. Next time I look, they are gone, so I know tipu gave them the boot!

Tipu is not accepting new curators now.

Posted with ![](
04.12.2019 09:23

@fitinfunfood thank you for all the info and how it works. With this answer you have a lot of words/characters extra for the engagement league. 👍🏻

Congratulations with being one of the top curator. I believe you joined as one of the last?

I find this but also the whole steem #newsteem old steem or steem which is steemut an aweful lot of work. There are so many tricks you need to know that this is exactly the reason why mist earn hardly those 0.020 to receive a payout and many leave.
I understand you do this for a living so it is a must to know how it all works. Who likely will uovote and how to have profit from that but for the biggest group here this is too much knowledge (needed) and next to a job/life and if you have problems with the connection or not to visit an internet/cyber cafe this is not possible.
You invest a lot of time and thought out every step. I wish I could do that, work that way but if I have to keep the thought of "how to make an income" always in my mind the last bit of fun on this platform is gone. That is what worries me most. It remains and goes about the money. 🤔
I hope you are able to do this till the moment you die or get rich long before.

I don't know if it is a mistake to tipu someone who is in a downvote gang. I noticed many are and indeed they do not know who and why they downvote. Is there a fast way to figure that out?

Same with plagiarism. It is hard to find that out and using photos from pixabay for example is no plagiarism plus you do not even need to mention the source. It is explicitly mentioned on the site.

I hoe it brings ypu what you expect from it or need. Happy day. 💕
Posted with ![](

05.12.2019 06:34

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03.12.2019 11:31

Thank you for your entry.
You received a 100% uovote and have number 6

06.12.2019 18:23
06.12.2019 14:44

Thank you for your entry. You have number 7 💕

06.12.2019 18:31

Thank you for your entry.
You have number 5 and a 100% upvote. 💕

06.12.2019 18:21

So happy for your upvote. Thank you.

06.12.2019 20:18

Steem on and here we are to enjoy our friendship @wakeupkitty.

07.12.2019 00:54


08.12.2019 05:24

Let us cheers!

08.12.2019 07:49

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Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @olivia08 for you. Enjoy it!

08.12.2019 05:25