CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante 2.18

Here it is the newest CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante 2.18

Are you looking back or?

Do you have good memories or funny anecdotes to tell abouth the month October? Autumn, a (local) celebration?
Perhaps there is something you look forward to?
Write about it and share it with the CCC community.

This contest will end on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

The picture above can be found on


1. Write about the theme:

2. Write 200+ words.

3. Use your own pictures or mention its source.

Exception: Content with photos of your own of art (minimum 3) can use less words.

4. Use the tag #ccc.

5. Use "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.18" in your title or text.

6. Leave the link to your post underneath this post.

No need to write in English! Your vote and resteem is highly appreciated

Las reglas del concurso

1. Escribe sobre el tema:

2. Escribe más de 200 palabras.

3. Usa tus propias imágenes o menciona la fuente.

Excepción: el contenido con fotos propias (mínimo 3) puede usar menos palabras.

4. Usa la etiqueta #ccc.

5. Usa "CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.18" en su título o texto.

6. Deje el enlace a su publicación debajo de esta publicación.

No es necesario escribir en inglés! Su voto y resteem es muy apreciado

Prizes: 💰💰💰

✔ Paid by me.
✔ Winners - 1 out of 6 entries.
If there are less as 6 entries the empty numbers will carry my name.

  • Winner: 3 SBI

✔ 0.5 Steem for all participants.

Premios: 💰💰💰

✔ Pagado por mí.
✔ Ganador: 1 de 6 entradas.
Si hay menos de 6 entradas, los números vacíos llevarán mi nombre.

  • Ganador: 3 SBI

Siempre obtendrás:
✔ 0.5 Steem para todos los participantes.

More information about the community and contests running you find at @team-ccc!

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
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Thank you.
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12.10.2019 10:59

Thank you very much I appreciate it. Happy Saturday. 💕👍

12.10.2019 11:56

Looking forward to the 16k comments. Wonder when that will be. 💕

12.10.2019 16:03

I am happy to see your entry and guess what? You are number #1.👍🏻 I wish you luck.and a great day! 💕

13.10.2019 08:31

Thank you, and I hope I win too

13.10.2019 14:39

I keep my fingers crossed for you. 💕

13.10.2019 17:25

Happy to seeypu joining this contest. You have entry number #2. I wish you a lot of luck. 👍🏻💕

13.10.2019 10:24

Gracias por tu entrada. ¡Tienes el número 4! Ya recibió un voto de. @ Team-ccc.

14.10.2019 16:41

Hello @wakeupkitty, here's my entry:


May you have a beautiful day. 😊

15.10.2019 12:21

Thank you for your entry. You have number #6! I wish you a great Thursday. 👍🏻💕

17.10.2019 04:08

Thank you for your entry you have number #5 I wish you a great Thursday. 💕

17.10.2019 04:06

Thank you for your entry. A happy day to you. ❤️Posted with

23.10.2019 07:43