Concentrated poverty is the new normal.

"After one year of coronavirus we are all used to the new normall," a German paper stated. I wonder where this reporter lives and who ordered to write and print this announcement. Does this paper truly believe we all are used to the new normal?
If you know how the human brain works you know we are not, most of us are not and will never get used to this new normal. A new normal forced upon us, a new normal dictated isn't a natural new normal. It's not the normal that appears because times are changing. If it comes to changes and adopting them you need to be flexible. Flexible enough to go with the flow. Most prople are not. They do not want to be flexible, do not appreciate certain flows and certainly not if it means they have to pay the bill for it, if their own health is in danger.

Anxiety is part of the new normal. A new type of anxiety that's not taken seriously. Why should we if papers, the media state we all are used to the new situation? If they suggest we are fine with and agree with going bankrupt, not being able to pay off debts, to afford two meals a day we can not say the opposite, the truth or?
Who dares to admit he is not fine, not used to this new situation of being locked in is a whiner and should be ignored or wiped out. There's no room for those who doubt and see the world in a different way.

'Negativity' is what we call it. Negative is everything we see as a threat, what does not benefit us and it is the last thing we like to deal with. Other people's their worries, fears, reality has to be abandoned because our own truth is already alarming enough.

The new normal is a state of poverty in every way. Concentrated poverty. Not only if it comes to finances but contacts, (social) wellbeing and health as well. Just like inmates world wide we have time, plenty of time to engage but we lost our interest in the world outside.

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28.03.2021 12:58

It seems that, if they tell us it's normal, people will accept it as normal. I am astonished at how easy it has been for "them" to take away all our rights. At how easily people stepped into a chronic state of fear, and think that is normal.

We are all prisoners now, or would be if some of us weren't saying NO.

Thank you for questioning the narrative.

Loved your freewrite on this prompt.

28.03.2021 15:15