Collapsing again

060520 - Friday

Such a weird start of the day.

As I woke up and turned on my right side the "dizziness" came back and I fainted. As I was back among the living I tried to sit upstraight and fell down backwards.
What a strange experience. I can think clearly, I can move my hands and feet so what causes it?
I guess the doctor in hospital expected this last year but it didn't happen.
Anyway I am not going back to hospital. The kid helped me twice to sit and both times I fell.
I drank some water in bed and some more.

I noticed a painful spot in my neck. I think (hope) my nerves and neck damage causes this. I rubbed a bit.
Later I could sit and walk to the bathroom with some help. One should be able to pee in a different way.

So here I am back to where I was one year ago or worse.

The children intended to make a butter cake again. I prefer not to let the butter get spoiled. We have no fridge and I am fine with it. I remember the time we tried without. How many times we till looked in it. Strange habit especially because it was empty most of the times. They didn't do it.

A friend asked how we are doing. She didn't say how they are doing 🤔

Food on the table
For breakfast I have orange juice and one omelet(just egg with salt and some white pepper). Eggs smell strange.


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