Charlie or Itchy?


It reminds me of Charlie's friend. Charlie and Itchy are street dogs and they like their life. At least as long as Charlie does not get both of them into trouble.
Charlie and Itchy are opposites and characters in the animation "All dogs go to heaven" (1989).

Itchy is the one always scratching his neck, a wimp and wants an easy (dog's) life while Charlie is full of energy, he loves adventure and wants to get everything out of life. He is fearless.

Charlie discovers a goldmine, a little orphan named Anne-Marie. The girl can talk with animals which is a benefit if you like to win at the horse races. He saves her from his former friend and new enemy Carface and makes all kinds of promises to make her keep working for him.

There's only one thing this girl wants: parents and Charlie promises to find her some... later.

All dogs go to heaven?
Might be but not all dogs stay there. To Charlie, it is the most boring and predictable place there is and he finds a way to escape from heaven. Life waits for him and he has some unfinished businesses.

Charlie is my favorite and he says exactly what I think about heaven. A boring place where I do not like to be.

This animation has everything: friendship, love, humor, and music. Who knows good to watch ones and ask yourself which of these characters fit you most and what happened to your dreams.

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Saludos @wakeupkitty. A mi también me gustó esta película. Hace mucho que la vi junto a mi hijo.
Siempre te leo amiga, siempre. Algunas veces solo dejo mi voto porque el traductor no me funciona. Ayer solo te voté. El traductor no me ayudó con tus publicaciones. Y tengo que pasar veces para dejar el comentario. Ahora mismo, tengo un buen rato insistiendo para que mi internet funcione y me deje leerte. Un abrazo amiga.
Pd: pensé que todos queríamos ir al cielo. jajaja.

11.02.2020 06:48

¿También viste esta película? Eso es genial, es bueno. Lo vimos muchas veces desde antes de que nacieran tres de mis hijos. El tiempo va tan rápido. ¿Has visto la segunda película también? Conocemos el texto y las canciones por cabeza. No te preocupes si no puedes leerme o traducir. Lucho contigo No, no me gusta ir al cielo. Todos los que dicen que van allí. No quiero volver a verlos. Una vez que la conexión es mejor, trato de ponerme al día. Te deseo un buen día. Abrazos. 💕

You saw this film too? That is great it is good. We saw it many times it is is from before three of my children were born. Time goes so fast. Have you seen the second film too? We know the text and songs by head. Do not worry if you cannot read me or translate. I struggle with you. No, I do not like to go to heaven. All those who say they go there. I do not want to meet them again. Once the connection is better I try to catch up. I wish you a great day. Hugs for you. 💕

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No se si llegamos a ver la segunda película. Tendré que preguntarle a mi hijo. El recuerda las películas de infancia mejor que yo.
Yo si quiero ir al cielo. Ya he pasado bastantes dificultades aquí y quisiera ir a un lugar apacible.
Creo que ya mejoró mi comunicación de nuevo. Gracias a Dios.

11.02.2020 11:44

@gertu Tuve suficientes dificultades en mi vida. Desde el día en que nací pero aún no lo veo como un lugar tranquilo. Espero que encuentres más paz en esta vida y la hay en uno de los cielos.Posted with ![](

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Freewriters unite! Or revolt! Be like the dog who prefers earth to heaven, and keep writing your boring (NOT!) freewrites. At least real people read them, unlike pieces written for another writers' community that shall remain nameless. They go on and on and say nothing, but curators love them. Give me a boring little freewrite any day - some of them are astounding!

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Thank you for the delivery. You took the words right out of my mouth...nothing left for a coup,let's be "bored". 😁

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Revolutions, battle plans, military strategies: totally out of my realm.
I stay home and cook and feed whoever comes to my table. :)
But I'm also more Aries than Taurus (born in the cusp), a champion of underdogs, a patron of Lost Causes. I fight if I must but play dead like a possum if I can get away with it to avoid having to fight. What a schmuck I am. I do love soldiers and fighters but I wince and cringe at the idea of inflicting pain (or damage) on others...wave the white flag, turn foes into friends, can you tell I was indoctrinated Christian from infancy (no? The Inquisition, The Holy Wars? Eh. It wasn't me.)

16.02.2020 18:58

I do not love soldiers and if it comes to it we will all fight.
Io I've oppossums always liked to keep some. Instead I had ferrets... They lived longer. 💕

17.02.2020 11:16

I need to see this movie - can't believe I missed it all these years!
Thanks for the post!!

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@carolkean I hope you can it is really funny and I still watch it once in a while. It is hard not to miss something.💕Posted with ![](

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