CHANGING ME: Contest: Looking Back/Look Forward. 3.18

Would I change my life if I could?
I mean change me, my past? Is it possible at all to change, do things different? Can I regret all those missed "chances", opportunities, feel sorry about what I never had?
We humans love to fool ourselves but if it comes to it it's not more than that. We fool ourselves and hope someone will believe what we say. It's not more than keeping up the spirit. In reality we will never change, wouldn't have done it differently. After all it's situation x character = decision. There's nothing more or less.
There isn't anyone to blame for decisions made. Perhaps a situation but how to handle it is in own hands. The outcome of the act is the same as what caused the moment of the decision: character x situation (the moment). It is what turns itinto good or bad.

Does a bad outcome matter?
It all depends on character x situation again. How we (can) deal with it. At periods we do not care, at other moments the load on our shoulders is too heavy. "What doesn't break you makes you stronger" is one of those phrases frequently recited to someone in high need. It's a way to say "but hey, no matter how bad your life is, you will be stronger in the end". It's not sure if this is the case. Most likely it's not true but what else to say if you don't like to be dragged down into someone else's mud pool? At least it is a positive expression and with some luck, it motivates if self-motivation is no longer an option.

More honest is to say "life sucks and isn't fair". Say "it doesn't matter how or where you live it. Life is life."

If the meaning of life is to learn some lessons, misery and taking conclusions on your own is at least something you learn(ed) but it's not said life has a meaning. We hope it has a meaning because the idea all the suffering is for nothing, there's no reward at the end scares us to death. It's better to see life as one big adventure or a drama series if you like. It helps to see personal issues from a different perspective and find the solutions.



Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what keeps you busy. You look forward to or look back at.



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10.10.2020 21:22

Hello I am very confused, is it here that I should leave my link or where is it ???

11.10.2020 19:17

Yes, this is the contest hosted every Saturday.
You should leave your link here. Thank you.

16.10.2020 17:29

Thank you for hosting this contest.

Hopefully participants this week.


12.10.2020 12:35

Hola esta esmi participacion de esta semana, espero sea de su agrado. Dios los colme de bendiciones, Saludos!!!...

13.10.2020 22:00

Thank you for your entry.
You have #1

Good luck.

16.10.2020 17:29

This contest is closed

16.10.2020 17:28