Change of habits

I cannot remember the last time I received a handshake.
I never really liked it because the handshake tells you a lot about the person. Some squeeze your hand into pieces, many have sweaty hands and worse is that weak hand or a hard to hold a hand.

Instead of the handshake people started to "kiss" each other on the cheeks. It was not a meant kiss but the airy fake thing mainly started by people who found themselves popular or modern. Suddenly it was oldfashioned or not done to shake a hand. I never liked this not meant kiss in the air and do not see the point of it either. A friendly face, a smile or a slap on my shoulder is more appreciated by me.

Habits are changed and will change more. I read the idea is social distance will be the future. You can forget about staying close to someone, hug a person in the future and if you accidentally bump into someone they will sue you and it's good for jail.
I read two man are sued because they threatened people while standing in row outside the pharmacy. The both, Hungarian and Ukrainian, were coughing people in their faces threatening them with Covid19. Sounds to me they have some serious brain damage. Already long before Covid19 I found it rude to cough and sneeze people into their faces. I am not raised that way and teaches my children not to do it either. Strange enough in the past years (20 or more) I never see people cover their mouth or leave if they need to cough, sneeze or blow their nose. It became quite normal to do this in public, straight into someone's face. Now the police is everywhere to grab those dirty, impolite devils.

I am happy I seldom see the police over here. They do not like to visit the "wildlife" we deal with daily. They only come over if you call them. The only thing I see or hear daily is a helicopter. I guess they are out of drones and count heads this way. Well, today it was just me wearing red mowing lawn and the wolves. They could easily land here but won't because for sure they won't shake hands with me or pat me on the shoulder if...

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