Case closed?

They didn't mention how a young woman was tortured for years and found buried alive, neither how Jim was attacked and left for dead in a hole with walls made out of bodies. The case of the missing girl was closed. Jim's name would be rectifated and the child became grew up into a fine young woman with a life of her own, the neighbor Mrs. Gordon was helping the police. It was enough.
"The case is closed" Jim asked.
"Yes, this case is but we started a new one. All those bodies..." he swallowed, inhaled deeply to let the fear out, the fear that seems to eat him as he thought of what he had seen. The smell wasn't worst but those bodies... "Do you want to start a case against Mrs. Gordon?"
Jim had asked himself this question earlier. Would he? Was it worth all the trouble?
"Is there any need to if she will be prosecuted for the horror in her basement? I am part of it. In some way I am, perhaps already long ago."
"You knew her, ever been close to her at that time?"
"No. You know me Ben, artistic, not fitting in, being accepted, and a single dad. Not the type most people like to interfere with. Envy and fear for what is different is a nasty thing. I am what they call detrimental."
"Can I leave you guys alone? I need a few hours sleep before I go to the office."
Both men nodded and Fidelo left. At least they were a good team, he hoped they were and he could trust Been, the police officer that had way more qualities than he had ever imagined.


  1. Memory
  2. Chocolate
  3. Urgent
  4. Leaving
  5. Life
  6. Blue
  7. Relief
  8. Uphill
  9. Justice
  10. A handful
  11. Charming
  12. Shave
  13. Gathering the pieces
  14. At work
  15. Revenge
  16. Dumb
  17. Creating space
  18. Not one word
  19. Strangers
  20. Dark adventures
  21. Traces
  22. Just a slip-up?
  23. Hide or die
  24. Going home
  25. Sharing
  26. Watch your steps...
  27. Find him!
  28. Farm fresh
  29. The emu
  30. Mystified
  31. Thrown outside
  32. The doll
  33. It's clear
  34. The call
  35. Wheel her in
  36. Chain
  37. Hard work
  38. Do you like my hat?
  39. Stay safe
  40. Awake and aware
  41. Lemongrass
  42. Warrior bride
  43. Bag
  44. The ant
  45. The phone call
  46. Sweat it out
  47. Fake news

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Prompt used detrimental


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