Case closed

"I saw it happen" the deponent attested only a few minutes before they all witnessed the pillar fall and crush him. It was a good moment to close the case.

This is my entry to tell me a tale in 240 characters or less hosted by

This weeks prompt is: column

CCC = #hive-166850

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21.02.2020 15:39

Thank you so much for the tip @davidke20. I wish you a great weekend.

22.02.2020 09:13

Are you in phc now congrats !

21.02.2020 16:40

Uhm... 🤔 I don't know because I do not know what phc stands for 🙁.
Thank you for stopping by I wait for the answer. Enjoy your weekend. 💕

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Oooooh,so no Public Health Care. I ised the tag once in a while but there are too many tags and only the first 5 seem to work. To be honest I find it harder to fit in a big community. Thanks for the explaination and a great weekend to you. 💕

22.02.2020 09:03