There are all kinds of bread.

By now people seemed to be used eating it, some even say they cannot eat any meal if it is not served with bread.
Hard to believe you cannot eat if there is no bread served with it.

I baked my own bread for some time, with oatmeal too.
I have strong doubts it is cheaper as buying but it is healthier for sure.
Fact you eat more from it. I gave up making my own, also eating it. No matter what kind of bread, it is hard to swallow for me plus it is like glue in my intestines. Bread is rarely seen in my home.

If I may believe google Navajo taco is Indian fry bread.
I have no idea if it is true and if so I wonder what Navajo means or has to do with it. The word does not sound Indian to me.
Here you can buy Indian bread too it is called _Naan_bread. It is small and flat. I do not think we put stuff on it and make it look like a pizza (I saw these pictures on google). You eat it next to your meal (or just so) and might dip it in your food.

Yesterday, as I visited the Tesco, I even had it in my hand but put it back.
Bread is bread, no matter how it is prepared or which name is given to it.

Eggs are fine for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Humpty Dumpty is in the pan. He will end as egg salad.

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Du hast keine Indianerbücher gelesen als Jugendliche?
Dem Informationsdefizit bzgl. der Navajos (oder Navahos) kann Abhilfe geschaffen werden. :)

03.09.2019 16:17

Ich nicht. Nur märchen, romane (auch für Erwachsene und das was Verboten war...Comics (über Piraten). Danke.

04.09.2019 10:38