I caught up answering all comments but I have no time for the notifications.

Steemreply is a burden and so is google chrome, etc. By now I only manage to use it every fourth day.

I saw the last part of "YOU" of season one on Netflix and wait for season 3.

The AI gives me a bad mood so I will watch V-war now.
It's about "viruses", bites and blood. No cannibalism, so far no one is eating anyone.
Blood contains all you need.

I never ate human but I guess it can taste good if you know how to prepare it.
Will it be the same as with animals? Steak is muscles so the sportive people are the best meat you can eat?
The skin structure of vegetarians is different too, who knows they taste better too.
Armin Meiwes was a German computer technician who ate his lover with permission. I think there are worse things as making a scene out of this.
We eat pigs and they make great organ donors and we do not complain about that. If you end up in the .... without any chance to be rescued you eat your fellows too. If you do that it is called normal.

I wonder what vegetarians will eat if all plants died, the earth, water, and air are poisoned by us and all animals are forbidden because they breathe and shot too much. You cannot live from soy and seaweed alone, these plants need nutrition too.

Big chance all vegetarians died, same with the vegans and what is left are the bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes or something like that.

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  • I recommend to read... What if the doctor never has time, the hospital doesn't let you in and medication can be bought for free?

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22.01.2020 15:16

Thank you @davidke20 💕

23.01.2020 03:29

@wakeupkitty I would need to be starving before eating anyone and then I do not know if I good really do it.

23.01.2020 01:32

It is always the question if you will or can or indeed rather die if it comes to it. We never know if the need is high. There was a movie about a plane crash...more said they could not but did especially as the dying one said it was fine. They only ate very tiny pieces.. I don't know. First concern would probably have something to drink. 🤔💕

23.01.2020 03:28

Right, @puncakbukit has upvoted and resteemed to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to choose @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

23.01.2020 03:30

Thank you and good luck.

23.01.2020 07:19