Baking day & hygiene

It was baking day.

Yes, I baked and in between, I tried to be on Steem and do a bit of what I like to do.

My daughter said the central heat is made and I read house owners need to invest more in their houses. I have no idea if I am still alive in 2030, big change I will not see that happen and... if so I do not need to pay for it either.

Besides baking and testing some cakes I spoke to a friend, asked how her achievements are doing.
She lives in Belgium and is on the search for a little cottage or camper to live in.
She offered me some money to buy food. I told her that money she needs too if she wants to buy a camper or...
Still, it's a sweet gesture.

The youngest told the teacher I will pick them up at 4:30 pm the latest this Saturday and suddenly she agrees.
If not I still pick up my children when it fits me.

The pup of the neighbor's dog. It's just one and it survived wind and hail storms already.

The bus-kid's school gave a letter with info about the Coronavirus.
If you have been in China or know Chinese people you have to tell the school, visit your doctor and ask for a test, stay home for two weeks and if everything is fine you go back to your doctor and ask for permission to go back to school.

School also spoke about basic hygienic etc. A good reason for my child to ask why the school does not take part in it. There's no soap, no toilet paper, no towel/paper to dry your hands... If you need to pee or poop you can only lift your pants.
It is the same at the school of the youngest. I find this a wrong way of saving money and yes, my children drag toilet paper with them to school next to all school books, water, and food. They seem to be the only ones.

So far my day. I walked a bit made some photos. Perhaps I post them tomorrow.
I need to sleep first. Goodnight to all of you.


My weight:
61.4 😐

What I ate today.
I tasted the dough of the cakes..., cake, more cake, couscous, turkey + sauce.
It feels as if I ate too much.

I did sit-ups 40x and the bending 40 times as I waited for my hot water bag to be filled._

No Prednisone. 😐
I use a cream and hope it is effective enough.
The infections are still increasing but the pain is less which is most important to me.

Published today (Feb. 13, 2020)

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