At what age did you have your driver's license?

Today was the day.

It wasn't really planned but we decided to buy some - more healthy - food. We skipped the first supermarket because there were some people waiting outside.
At the other supermarket, I bought 3 face masks and my kid and I felt quietly miserable with it. The kid had a hard time breathing which means we will not many shops in the future. Sorry shopkeepers. It looked like more people shared my thought since the shop was nearly empty.

It's true what they (the government) say about the facemask. Most people do not know how to wear it. It's not only inside out but nose not covered and nose and mouth not covered I saw too. Perhaps the mask covers acne on the chin?

After that, we hurried to the optician.
The youngest it's glasses needed to be repaired. It's bought at Pearl and for sure not a pearl. Next glasses I buy somewhere else. At least the repairs did not cost much.

At the same time, the kid went to the optician I sent the bus-kid to the driving school to inform how or what.
What a surprise it is possible to start. The theory is done online because of Corona but we will give it a try. If it doesn't work I drive to the library so it can use that connection.

I was nearly thirty years old as I had my driver's license.
At that time I was a working, single mom of three and I had only one chance to pass.

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At what age did you have your driver's license?

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