... The last time I ate it was about nearly one year ago. They sold it in hospital. I didn't buy it because a small beker with some pieces costed 2 euro. That was more as I could afford.

I did buy it for one of the ladies I shared the room with. She called me Claudia and used me for her maid. Commanded me day and night. As she left she gave me the food and juice she didn't want and left the 5 of us in a room she infected with some virus.

We had to leave the room and spent whole day till 11 pm in the hallway because the room needed to be desinfected. No doctor or nurse showed up to inform us.


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It looks so delicious and fresh.

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Thank you! For your help as well my friend. 💕

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A mi también me gusta la patilla, así se llama en mi país. Pero acá se produce hasta en los campos que quedan cerca de mi ciudad. Es dulce, tiene mucho líquido y es muy refrescante. Que lastima que tuviste una muy mala experiencia con ese paciente y lo asocias al recuerdo de la patilla. Un abrazo @wakeupkitty.

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¿No es interesante cómo comenzamos a asociar cosas con las personas? Quién sabe que vendrá un nuevo recuerdo. Mi primer pensamiento es que mi ex dijo que no puedo comerlo porque tiene ciertos gusanos. Un abrazo para ti. Mantenerse a salvo. 💕

Isn't it interesting how we start associating things with people? Who knows a new memory will come. My first thought is my ex said I can not eat it because there are certain worms in it. A hug for you. Stay safe. 💕

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Yo lo como mucho cuando es temporada alta de patillas. gracias a Dios nunca le encontré gusanos, me muero si veo uno jajajaja.

I don't eat much when it's high season for sideburns. Thank God I never found worms, I'm dying if I ever found one jajajajaja.

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