No rest. I have a bed but the allergies give me hardly any chance to sleep. Whole ...

... night I am gasping for breath and try to calm myself down and... to breath.
At about 7:30 am my kid told me the phone rang. An anonymous caller. Not important. I do not answer anonymous phone calls and those I am close with know how to reach me.

I went out of bed.
Time to clean the hallway, wash all the bedsheets in between, do the dishes, a bit more cleaning of the kitchen.
Spiders, webs, bugs but most of all sand is what I find in the hallway. Not dust but sand from the world outside.

It took me 4.5 hours of cleaning. I wish I could sleep.

Sorry, Except for crypto and fashion I can not choose a category


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17.04.2020 11:58

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 💕

17.04.2020 17:38

Hope you can soon sleep well, I had similar problems 10 years ago... Have a nice weekend 💐

17.04.2020 12:03

I hope so too. I think it's time to move again. Somewhere where nature doesn't cause me allergies. It seems if you suffer from allergies every 6/7 years you have to change the environment.
Good to know with you it disappeared. 💕

17.04.2020 17:37

This lockdown is just making me lazy - I do not even feel like cleaning - eating most of the time

18.04.2020 14:09