What we seem to forget is that we can consume them too. You can make a bright salad out of it, jelly or syrup.


Some will change into fruit like the white or on the photo (cherry)


or the red blossom (apple)


others will only be blown by the wind (like the daffodil) - if you wait too long- and carry it's seeds away.


Out of the flowers of poppies and daffodil you can make a great jelly and syrup. You just need to pick the flowers, fill a pot, pour boiled water over it wait for 12-24 hours (if you like you can add slices of lemon to it, pour it through a sieve, add sugar or jelly sugar for marmalade to It (follow the recipe) and that's it. These flowers are for free. Syrup of poppies is good for your throat, helps to calm down and against sleepless nights.

This is my entry to the CCC contest TAKE a PIC and comment #26 hosted by @olivia08. Pity we can't add more as one photo. The theme is: flowers.

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