Howto on Steemit and Hive?

I struggle around on the blockchain since yesterday. If you are looking for tips, all the answers, I cannot really help you but I can share what I figured out and tried so far. It was every app and nothing seems to work. I wonder how this can be but also why I am treated like the enemy. Is this freedom of speech, a free choice to join and be where you are?

Good to know.

You can directly post on:

  • Steemit _(not anymore the feed is gone)
  • Palnet
  • Marlians
  • Neoxian
  • Hive
    (Creativecoin was unreachable for me.)

Active dapps:

  • Dpoll posts on hive
  • @partiko posted yesterday on hive. Posts did not show up on Palnet, Marlians, Neoxian, etc with me. At a certain point nowhere.
    I did not try Partiko again today.
  • @esteemapp is under construction and will post on hive (wait for the update and choose the server:
  • Appics posts on Steemit and if you use the tags #palnet, #marlians, #neoxian, etc on those tribes too. I don't know if there's a tag for hive. If so this is a great all-round app!


  • I assume all tokens moved to hive.
  • I could not find any trdo activation back on Steemit or Hive.
    Might be all tokens became worthless after the hard fork (or already before).
  • If I understood it well you can continue using Tipu for both platforms.
    You tip on Steemit with Steem and on
    Hive with Hive (great service @cardboard). I cannot tell you more yet but assume after the changes are made there's a way to do it for one platform or both.

What works multifunctional
They already announced changes are planned before the hardfork. A change of name and more.

If you use steempeak you can post on Steemit, schedule and if you use tags of tribes you post on them as well. So far no change and if you have a good connection this is the best site you can use. I mainly used it for scheduling because it's hard for me to load. Pity since it looks great.
WRONG As I tried it
Do not sign in with steemconnect
It's the newborn, the place to be if you like to post on Hive. If you have a good connection use them. I didn't try it out yet so I cannot tell if it posts in the tribes as well. I hope so.
Peakd does not post in tribes!
Peakd looks great and I assume if you are used to Steempeak you know how to use it.


Is it a coincidence the communities are called hives and the new platform too? Sorry, I cannot tell you.
I do not know either if they remain on Steemit or move to Hive only or will be on both.
Since Hive is a copy of Steemit they should be in both places.
The question is if a hive owner makes a change on Steemit the change is made in the same hive on Hive too.


  • A part is lost. Comments and upvotes are given already one day before the new Platform was a fact.
  • Posts published 1-2 days earlier partly lost their comments too on Hive.

Changes on Steemit.

They are made.

  • Yesterday morning the replies had a green background it looked great. Suddenly it was gone.
  • As I posted my posted one post after posting all my posts with the same first tag showed up. That was a great surprise. It looked as if it was part of the community list (the first tag was in my list "my communities") but later it was gone.

Give it some time and it will work out fine?


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Currently messy
I don't know where they went

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With Appics and Steempeak you can post now on Steemit. Steempeak do not use steemconnect to sign in. 💕

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hi @wakeupkitty if you use ios mobile phone, they have apps steemify created by blockbrothers witness. but for android phone, they still working on it. Hope you doing good. Do you know we have where you can earn SIM token when you build your city with NFT cards. They have mobile friendly website, you just login as usual with your steem account and password. 😊

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Hola, he querido publicar en Hive pero no se porqué razón no lo puedo hacer, si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agradezco

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