Anouncement WINNERS Contest Looking back/Look forward Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante contest #CCC 2.27 🎈🎶💕🎈

We had 11 entries.
New members are: @yujomar and @mllg. Please, welcome them. Their entrees you find underneath.

I thank you all for joining this writing contest. It is good to see how much effort you put in it.

  1. @sacra97
  2. @zhanavic69
  3. @antoniarhuiz
  4. @evagavilan
  5. @yujomar
  6. @olivia08
  7. @mllg
  8. @fitinfunfood

Please take the time to visit, read, comment and vote your fellow #ccc members.
This is what our circle creed stands for. Only if we all do so we can grow!

An upvote for this post is highly appreciated to continue hosting.


The winner is #7

Congratulations @olivia08🎈🎶💕🎈
The entry to this contest can be read here.
Join the group via the link in the post - upvote a post in the list and leave your link.
Each week two paricipants make a chance to win an SBI share!

All prizes are paid by me. See your steemit wallet and steem-engine wallet.
I wish you all a great Saturday and luck with your next CCC-contests!

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Thanks for hosting. You received an upvote @team-ccc.

21.12.2019 14:28

I thank you for the upvote. Merry days. 💕

21.12.2019 16:58

Comgrats to all winners!

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21.12.2019 14:58

Thanks for your congratulations. Feel free to join us. Merry days to you. 💕

21.12.2019 17:02

Gracias que suertuda ja ja ja, agradecida con esta hermosa oportunidad de compartir y escribir historias lindas @wakeupkitty eres un gran ejemplo de perseverancia, gracias es premio es grandisimo y no me lo esperaba. Este es un mes muy bonito, espero que el espiritu navideño nos acompañe siempre, llenandonos de alegria, amor, ver a los niños jugar.

Felicitaciones @olivia08, @mllg, @dulce160.

Thank you so much, ha, ha, I feel so lucky and grateful for this beautiful opportunity to share and write beautiful stories @wakeupkitty you are a great example of perseverance, thank you this prize is great and I did not expect it. This is a very beautiful month, I hope that the Christmas spirit always accompanies us, filling us with joy, love, watching the children play.

21.12.2019 15:23

Thank you, dear!
Merry Christmas to you!

21.12.2019 16:58

De nada. Espero que el espíritu navideño nos acompañe todo el año. Debería ser así. Disfruta tus días. 💕

You are so welcome. I hope the Christmas spirit will be with us whole year on. It should be that way. Enjoy your days. 💕

21.12.2019 17:00

Wow! Did I win again? Thank you @wakeupkitty
This is Merry Christmas to all of us!
Congratulations to all!

21.12.2019 16:52

Yes you did thanks to the wheel of names. You won 20 commentcoin too + I sent you 500 Neo...
Merry days my friend. 💕

21.12.2019 17:02

God will give you back a million folds in any kind.
God bless!

21.12.2019 17:38

Having you for a friend is already a nlesding. 😘💕

21.12.2019 18:26

Gracias por mi premio @wakeupkitty.
Felicitaciones a los nuevos miembros, esperamos seguir viéndolos.
Felicitaciones amiga @olivia08 por ser la gran ganadora. Un buen abrazo para ti.

Thank you for my @wakeupkitty award.
Congratulations to the new members, we hope to continue seeing them.
Congratulations friend @ olivia08 for being the big winner. A good hug for you.

26.12.2019 21:31

@gertu De nada. Espero ver su participación en el próximo concurso. Día feliz. 💕

You are welcome. Hope to see your participation for the next contest. Happy day. 💕Posted with ![](

27.12.2019 18:32

Ya estoy terminando mi publicación, en 15 minutos la saco al aire. Feliz día.

I'm already finishing my post, in 15 minutes I take it on air. Happy day.

27.12.2019 18:36

@gertu Bien, te esperaré de todos modos. Aún tienes tiempo. 💕

Good I will wait for you anyway. You still have time. 💕Posted with ![](

27.12.2019 20:00

Gracias amiga. Ahora si tienes un gran trabajo por delante.
Mucha más familia.
La persistencia trae sus frutos.
Gran esfuerzo, gran trabajo, buena recompensa.

Thanks friend. Now if you have a great job ahead.
Much more family
Persistence brings its fruits.
Great effort, great work, good reward.

27.12.2019 22:33

@gertu Eso es lo que estaba pensando también. Bien, estás ahí para echar una mano. 😁

That is what I was thinking too. Good you are there to give a hand. 😁Posted with ![](

30.12.2019 17:56

Cuando me necesites, estaré para ayudar.

When you need me, I will be there to help.

30.12.2019 20:00