Anouncement WINNERS Contest Looking back/Look forward Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante contest #CCC 2.25 🎈🎶💕🎈

We had 7 entries.
I thank you all for joining this writing contest and your great entries. It is good to see how much effort you put in it.

  1. @gertu
  2. @sarimanok
  3. @olivia08
  4. @marblely 🎈🎶💕🎈
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The bonus winner (most comments).

Goes to???
To who?
@gertu and
@felixgarciap commented once the rest of the participants not.

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Hola. me perdí de todo. Estoy triste. No pude hacer nada en varios días.
Felicitaciones a los que pueden cumplir con los comentarios. Debemos halagar a los compañeros que si pueden comentar.
Ya estoy activa de nuevo. A comenzar de nuevo a comentarrrrrrrr...

Hi. I missed everything. I'm sad. I could not do anything in several days.
Congratulations to those who can comply with the comments. We should flatter the classmates that they can comment.
I am already active again. To start again to commentrrrrrrrr ...

07.12.2019 21:26

@gertu Aún ganaste el premio de comentarios con otros dos. Creo que muchos tuvieron una semana lenta o están ocupados. Yo también. Feliz domingo, me alegro de verte de vuelta. Viajaré en un día y estaré ocupado o cansado también. Feliz domingo.

You still won the comment-prize with two others. I believe many had a slow week or are busy. So am I. Happy Sunday, good to see you back. I will be traveling in one day and be busy or tired too. Happy Sunday.Posted with ![](

08.12.2019 06:14

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07.12.2019 22:08

@wakeupkitty It is very satisfying to see how the community is growing, this week I have been traveling and I have been able to work little, this next week I hope to resume work hard. Happy weekend to all.

07.12.2019 23:55

@felixgarciap You can take over a bit. I will be traveling for the next week. Driving up and down and trying to sleep. Good you are back. Enjoy your Sunday. 💕Posted with ![](

08.12.2019 06:27

Thank you for the bonus! It has been good to reflect on the questions and write about it. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Sunday there 💗

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08.12.2019 02:04

@marblely You are welcome. I think it is good to reflect at times and think over what is possible or why we do what we do. Happy Sunday. 💕Posted with ![](

08.12.2019 06:40

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08.12.2019 05:32

Congratulations to the winners! Keep writing and commenting.
@wakeupkitty thank you for hosting this contest. 👍

10.12.2019 20:39

Congratulations all the participants. We all won a prize. Keep it up dear @wakeupkitty.

11.12.2019 01:12

@olivia08 I try unless I am downvoted too much. You wrote my name wrong, one "e" too much. Still received this message. 🤔👍
I wish you a great day. 💕Posted with ![](

11.12.2019 07:00

Oh, i lost my eyeglasses or I misplace it. Am sorry, a kind of typo.

11.12.2019 10:15

@olivia08 Sorry to hear you lost the eyeglasses. I hope you find them back. No wrries I make many errors. Better not ask how many times I edit. Enjoy your day. 💕Posted with ![](

12.12.2019 07:36

Just like me, and I found my eyeglasses already I never used while my job. Next time I will buy with double vista.

12.12.2019 08:17

@olivia08 I do not think I will ever do that. It's very expensive here. I remember one granny had one. She said it always was difficult to take the stairs. You ever tried them? Great you found them. ❤️Posted with ![](

12.12.2019 20:45